People often search for big ideas to change the world, overlooking small daily steps that could lead to monumental victories. To highlight these quiet-but-impactful moments, we partnered with CreativeMornings to create “Tiny Revolutions” — a series of digital posters that display snack-sized steps to making a big impact.

Under the savvy minimalist art direction of CreativeMornings’ own Tina Roth Eisenberg, artist Bobby Jeffries designed these 9 “Tiny Revolutions” entirely from Shutterstock images.

Together with CreativeMornings, we’re hoping to usher in creative change by challenging you to sketch the impact you want to make on the world. Share your personal revolution using the hashtag #CMrevolution, and you might see it featured on the CreativeMornings blog!

See all the images used to create these posters in our “Tiny Revolutions” collection »

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