With less than two weeks to go before The Walking Dead returns to resume its fourth season, we’re double-checking our zombie-apocalypse survival kits and occupying our thoughts with all things undead.

Last week, we revealed Shutterstock’s own secret role in the AMC show, and now we’re pretty much starting to see zombies everywhere. In fact, we’ve noticed that some designers have become so obsessed with certain trends that they could be mistaken for zombies themselves.

With the help of artist Jake Genen, we’ve identified four main types of designer zombie. Read on to see if any of them sound like someone you know… or even (gasp!) yourself.

The Vintage Zombie

This designer drools over sepia-tone palettes and “distressed” textures for replicating the American Western style of the 1800s. He/she has a love of mustaches, eyeglasses, and all things from the turn of the (19th) century. Also likely to possess an unorthodox copy of Pride and Prejudice.

Notable traits:

– Prefers a T-square to InDesign.

– Digitally recreates letterpress style.

– Feels empty without ornamental flourishes in layouts.

The Type Zombie

This uncommon creature is crazy about typography. A fixation with typefaces, font sizes, and styles can keep these characters up for days, constantly craving the perfect lettering to spell out what’s in their B-R-A-I-N-S.

Notable traits:

– Identifies (and devours) any typeface on sight.

– Spends hours making miniscule adjustments to kerning and leading.

– Gets riled up over Papyrus and Copperplate Gothic, and driven to murderous rage by Comic Sans.

The Texture Zombie

No canvas is too large to fill for this graphic ghoul. Whether it’s with gore or glitz, the texture zombie feels compelled to add elements to every available area, often applying layer on layer to satiate their unnatural artistic appetite.

Notable traits:

– Goes on a rampage against any hint of white space.

– Can’t get enough of of “grunge” elements.

– Loves experimenting with paper stocks — the grainier, the better.

The Minimalism Zombie

The natural enemy of the texture zombie, this designer let loose with grunts of pleasure when confronted with blank spaces, and intones the mantra “less is more” while stalking its prey. (Its prey being any design element that can possibly be stripped away.)

Notable traits:

– Adores white space more than regular zombies enjoy human flesh.

– Uses palettes that are almost exclusively monochrome or black-and-white.

– Owns at least one Mondrian print or monograph.

To view all of the Shutterstock assets used to create these illustrations, check out our Working Dead lightbox »

So, do you recognize anyone you know? Are there other types of Designer Zombies you’ve encountered that we missed? Tell us in the comments!