It’s hard not to love carefully chosen color selections, particularly when it comes to food photography. When we discovered Ondine Corewijn‘s vibrant and eclectic gallery of minimal food photography, we were immediately taken by the attention to color and positioning of each subject.

We had the chance to ask Corewijn a few questions about this compelling and colorful collection. Read on for what she had to say, and click through for more color-coordinated imagery at the bottom of the post.

What was your process and intention for creating this collection?

Corewijn: I’m not really a food photographer; I mostly shoot people. So this was a little different for me. I was looking into shooting different sets of things, and couldn’t quite find a clean overhead set of fruits and vegetables. So I decided to spend a day shooting them, matching the fruit color and the background. I have seen a few people buy these as a set and use them in wonderfully creative ways, which was the intention. I like that they can stand on their own, but also make a beautiful, colorful collection.


What does color mean to you? How does it play into your work?

I like that you can tell stories with color, because it makes you feel different things. Depending on the subject of the photograph, color can play a huge role in the mood, because it determines so much.


Did you choose certain vegetables based on their color, or more based on their appearance?

Both, really. I wanted as many colors as possible to create the set, so I used whatever vegetables I could get a hold of at the time.



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Top image: Grapefruit by Ondine C.