On Saturday, February 13, Shutterstock reached its greatest milestone yet: the addition of its 10 millionth image, an accomplishment that underscores our rapid growth and commitment to high quality, crowdsourced visual media.

In a typical week, we add over 80,000 new images – a rate of nearly eight images per minute – and provide our subscribers with a continuous stream of fresh new content.

By harnessing the talent of over 200,000 digital photographers and illustrators around the world, we’re able to provide images buyers with a steady stream of fresh, new content. Our review team screens every image for quality and compliance, enforcing some of the highest standards in the imagery business. Just 40 percent of the images submitted by approved artists are accepted.

Shutterstock’s 10 millionth image is by Matthew Jacques of Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada. Jacques submitted a dramatic image of two male Dall Sheep locking horns against a snowy background, photographed at a wildlife park in Nova Scotia. Jacques has been a Shutterstock submitter since 2006. Though he started taking pictures as a hobby, Jacques recently used his Shutterstock earnings to invest in a professional-quality DSLR camera and has branched out to shoot motor sports, weddings and portraits. “My hobby’s paying for itself,” Jacques said. “That’s what Shutterstock and online stock sales have done for me.”

As the leader in subscription-based stock photography and illustration, Shutterstock has delivered over 125 million image downloads to customers since its founding in 2003, and remains the largest online subscription image library in the world.

Shutterstock subscribers have nearly limitless creative options in using Shutterstock images, which are provided under a royalty-free license, and we guarantee the legal integrity of every image with $10,000 in indemnification.

“We have earned our spot as the number one subscription imagery site by being inventive and by building our own successful business model,” said Jon Oringer, founder and CEO of Shutterstock. “Others try to copy our 25-A-Day subscription, but customers are not fooled. They come to Shutterstock expecting the most innovative solutions to their image needs, and we work hard to exceed their expectations.”

Improving “Similar Images” feature

If you’re familiar with Shutterstock, you’ve probably noticed the feature on our image pages that suggests other images in the collection that are similar. Although it worked, we thought we could make it better.

Therefore, we recently deployed a new version of the Similar Images feature designed to produce more accurate results. In addition, you’ll now see this symbol below each image on our search results page:

When you see it next to an image, click it and you’ll be taken to a page of any similar images we can find in the collection.

This is all about making your search experience smoother and helping you find the best images for your projects. Give it a try on shutterstock.com and let us know what you think!