Last week, people around the world celebrated 12/12/12 in a multitude of ways. Never ones to miss out on the fun, we naturally threw a celebration of our own. Teamed once again with AIGA, we paired style with design for the final Pixels of Fury event of 2012, held at Mosaic Art Space in LA. The “Winter Wonderland” party combined our anything-goes, fast-paced design competition with a formal ball, giving guests a chance to class things up while the contestants got down and dirty.

Each competing group — AdamsMorioka, Blind, Looking, and the USC Roski School School of Fine Arts — was represented by a team of two, all going head-to-head to create poster designs on a given theme using assets from Shutterstock Instant. If you’ve been keeping up, you know how it goes down: each round lasts a mere 20 minutes, with winners selected by audience and judge votes. At the end of the night, good times were had by all and great work was produced, but there was only one Furious Pixel trophy to be had. Read on to see the winning poster, meet the team that created it, and view photo highlights from throughout the evening.

Posters created during the three rounds of Pixels of Fury: Los Angeles.

The winning poster from Team A/OK (AdamsMorioka).

Nathan Stock (no relation!) and Monica Schlaug of AdamsMorioka show off their new Furious Pixel trophy.

Following the Fury, we checked in with the winning team to get their thoughts on the competition and see what advice they could offer to 2013 hopefuls. Here’s what they had to say:

How do you feel about the win?
Surprised, but very grateful for the experience.

What did you think of Shutterstock Instant?
It’s great — fast, larger images, and good suggested search results.

What was your strategy for your winning design?
The topic was “Don’t Waste Food,” and we knew we could find lots of food images quickly. We decided to mask them into a simple typographic statement to create a bold and colorful image with a concise message.

Where will your Furious Pixel live?
The AdamsMorioka trophy case.

Any tips for future Pixels of Fury contestants?
Don’t panic. Expect things to go wrong, so be flexible. Don’t overthink it — go with your gut.

A time-lapse screen capture of Team A/OK creating their winning design.

Scroll on for photo highlights from the night, and stay tuned to these pages for info on where Pixels of Fury is heading in 2013. You just may have a shot at a Furious Pixel of your own!