With so much industry news coming out of NAB 2016, it’s pretty easy to miss a few of the headlines. Here’s a roundup of announcements and highlights to get you all caught up.

Cameras and Lenses

Camera announcements have been few and far between. The crowd is anxious to see what Canon may still have up their sleeve, while Blackmagic, last year’s king of NAB, didn’t introduce a single new camera.

So far, Canon has announced the new ME200-SH camera and the 18-80mm EF Cine Zoom lens. The camera has a Super 35 sensor, the same used in the C100 series. It has dual pixel autofocus, but requires external memory and external power. The compact body weighs roughy 2.5 lbs. It’s scheduled to ship in the coming months.

Here’s a look at the new Canon ME200-SH and 18-80mm EF Cine Zoom from our sponsorship with No Film School.

Sony introduced a new Super 35mm 4K camera ideal for broadcasters and filmmakers alike. The Sony HDC-4800 shoots a staggering 480fps in 4K. Users can even shoot up to 720fps in HD. The HDC-4800 features a PL mount and shoots in a BT.2020 and BT.709 color space. It’s slated for an August release. Read more about the HDC-4800 on PremiumBeat.

Panasonic announced anamorphic lenses that mount natively to the GH4. As far as the GH4 camera itself, no new updates have been announced.

Though no GH4 news is to come, Panasonic did show off a smaller version of the popular Varicam — the Varicam LT, a 4K Super 35mm monster designed for indie filmmakers using gimbals and drones. The camera has 14+ stops of dynamic range and weighs under 6 lbs. The Varicam LT is available now, and the body alone costs $16,500.

VR and 360-Degree Videos

Image by Alexandru Nika

The biggest talk of NAB 2016 has been the future of virtual reality filmmaking. The first major announcement came as YouTube introduced live streaming in 360-degrees. Not only that, the streaming giant also introduced spatial audio, which allows VR viewers to experience different sound based on their position, depth, and distance from a subject.

The action camera giant GoPro showcased the Omni, a six-camera array designed for VR video. The rig uses six GoPro cameras to capture a complete 360-degree environment. The rig, software, and six cameras will set you back $4,999.

Also present at NAB — the Re:Lens plugin for a variety of NLEs. Re:Lens allows users to achieve 360-degree videos using only a wide-angle lens. No Film School learned more in their interview with Peter Litwinowicz.

Adobe positioned themselves to be the NLE of choice for VR filmmakers. The company announced VR support in Premiere Pro, allowing users to import and preview 360-degree footage.

Want more on VR and and 360-degree videos? Check out this NAB VR roundup on PremiumBeat.

Final Cut Pro X Editor Kits

In an effort to help video editors hone their skills, Shutterstock and PremiumBeat collaborated on a series of original Final Cut Pro X tutorials. Each of the five tutorials takes editors through a lesson in techniques like overlays, color grading, and 3D titles.

The FCP X tutorials come with a selection of free Shutterstock footage and free music and sound effects from PremiumBeat. Not only does this give editors the opportunity to follow along, but also to experiment on their own.

Watch all five Final Cut Pro X tutorials and download the free assets on PremiumBeat.

Tech and Gear

DJI introduced the Matrice 600, a drone designed for professional cinematic cameras. The company also introduced the Ronin-MX, a new lightweight version of their flagship stabilizer. The Ronin-MX was designed with the Matrice 600 in mind, allowing operators to go from the ground to the air in minutes. You can go to PremiumBeat for more on DJI’s Matrice 600 and NAB announcements.

Blackmagic announced the Video Assist 4K, which lets users connect a 7-inch monitor and broadcast quality recorder to an SDI or HDMI camera. The Video Assist 4K also offers peaking, focus zoom, histogram, and two analog audio inputs with phantom power. Blackmagic also updated the OS for the URSA Mini camera and added new features to DaVinci Resolve 12. Read more Blackmagic NAB news on PremiumBeat.

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Top image by Nawanon