LinkedIn is not only a popular social media platform, it’s also a hotspot for B2B marketing. Start a great LinkedIn ad campaign and connect with new business clients by using these three simple steps.

While most people use LinkedIn primarily as a professional networking site, far too few realize its advertising potential, particularly for B2B marketers. Think about it: millions of working professionals actively sharing their job titles, education, and industries, along with where they work. Where else could you expect to find as much information around which to build a targeted B2B marketing campaign?

Around 94 percent of B2Bs use LinkedIn to advertise and generate leads. Here’s how to get your advertising started on this popular and powerful social media platform.

Step 1: Find Out Who’s on LinkedIn

How to Hit Your Target Audience with Tailored LinkedIn Ads — Discover Who's on LinkedIn

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The key to unlocking the marketing potential of LinkedIn is to understand who uses it. In Spring of 2017, LinkedIn claimed 500 million users, and that number has likely grown. Who are these users? They include freelancers, independent contractors, business professionals, and influencers at every stage of their career. There are also startups, small-to-medium-sized businesses, and big corporations using the platform.

LinkedIn also boasts global reach; registered user data shows that while the U.S. leads the world in the total number of LinkedIn subscribers, over 70 percent of the platform’s users live outside of the U.S. The following countries round out the remaining top five:

  • India (35 million)
  • Brazil (25 million)
  • The UK (20 million)
  • China (20 million)

What should you take away from these statistics? That there’s a wide range of potential customers to reach through LinkedIn ads, provided you know where to look.

Step 2: Identify Your Audience

How to Hit Your Target Audience with Tailored LinkedIn Ads — Identify Your Audience

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Now that you know who uses LinkedIn, you need to decide which audience segments you will target with your ads. These segments will inform the details of your LinkedIn ad design, so you’ll first want to create specific audience personas to help you tailor your content.

Experts suggest segmenting your ad targets based on the following LinkedIn profile factors:

  • Seniority: When you target your ads at senior employees, you’re talking directly to corporate influencers. They know their industry in and out, so you must display a high level of industry awareness and competence in your ads. This should be the audience for which you reserve your most detailed content — think ads that highlight case studies, white papers, and other informative materials that characterize your business as an industry leader.
  • Industry: Customizing your LinkedIn ad content becomes much easier if you know that you’re talking to people working within your same sector. Not only can you use content specific to the industry like blogs or case studies, you can also market based on current industry trends.
  • Job Title: Segmenting your LinkedIn ad content down to the job level lets you reach out to professionals in distinct positions. This lets you relay relevant information about your B2B service that’s tailored to their needs and career interests.

Step 3: Create Exceptional Content

How to Hit Your Target Audience with Tailored LinkedIn Ads — Create Exceptional Content

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Once you’ve defined your target audience you need to offer them compelling content that they just can’t pass up. According to its own data, LinkedIn reports that site content generates 15x more user interaction than job postings. Boost your best content — the kind that solves problems and engages. It could be a blog post, a white paper, a guide, or anything that instills trust in your target audience and keeps your name in front of them.

It’s not just the content that counts; the design should catch eyes and engage as well. You can create everything with Shutterstock Editor, which lets you design quality visuals without design know-how or expensive software. Choose from a collection of over 150 million images or upload your own, then customize it with text, shapes, filters, and more. You can use preset social media crops for perfectly sized dimensions, or choose from one of our professional, pre-made templates.

As you can see, LinkedIn offers unlimited potential when it comes to identifying and targeting potential clients for your B2B marketing campaigns. Yet finding your audience is only half the battle; you also need the right content and design to convince and convert these audiences. Try out Shutterstock Editor and see how it can help with your next LinkedIn ad campaign.

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