This After Effects tutorial is part of our ‘Summer of Superheroes,’ a week of superhero content including VFX tutorials and original designs. Check out the first tutorial, which shows how to create a fighter jet attack scene in After Effects.

Almost every action movie, especially superhero movies, begin with an intense title sequence. Explosions, fire, and bold lettering are key to making an action-packed entrance. Luckily, you have the tools to create these incredible Hollywood-level titles right at your fingertips.

In the following tutorial we’ll take a look at how to create Star Trek Beyond-style movie titles in After Effects. The tutorial covers:

  • Creating 3D Titles
  • Working with Adjustment Layers
  • Using Transfer Modes to Preserve Color
  • Working with Stock Footage

Free Star Trek Beyond Project File and Footage

If you want to download the free project file and video element used in this After Effects tutorial you can do so by clicking the link below. This project is in HD, but you could certainly do this effect in 4K if your project requires it. To create this tutorial you’ll also need to download the free font called ‘Final Frontier.’

You are free to use the video assets for educational purposes, but you may not distribute or use the assets in any commercial work.

Click to Download AE Project File

If you have any questions regarding this tutorial feel free to ask in the comments below.