You’ve heard of hometown heroes, but what about the villains? See where the evil got started in this series of animated fictional travel posters made entirely from the Shutterstock collection, inviting tourists to discover the hometowns of some of fiction’s baddest super villains.

Explore five different locales from five fictional worlds: Visit Ursula’s home-base, where poor unfortunate souls linger on the Ocean Floor. See a podrace on Tatooine, where Anakin (aka Darth Vader) was first found as a slave. Fly through the asteroid field of the once-whole Krypton, where Doomsday, the villain who killed Superman, got his start. Be entertained in the seedy underbelly of Gotham, where the Joker parades his tricks. And get the royal treatment in King’s Landing, where the Queen lights up the city for big occasions.

tatooine darth vader fictional travel poster
Designed by Michael Wong

See the desert planet Tatooine, where the sunrise is so nice, it happens twice! Don’t miss out on a podrace, the sport that launched the Galaxy’s most force-filled family.

game of thrones kings landing fictional travel poster
Designed by Flo Lau

Though she hails from Casterly Rock, it’s King’s Landing where Cersei made a name (and a throne) for herself. Book a hotel overlooking the Sept — you might just catch a wildfire show put on by the Queen herself.

krpyton doomsday superman fictional travel poster
Designed by Michael Wong

Explore the magnificent ruins of Krypton, a once-whole planet diminished to an asteroid field. Immerse yourself in its rich history — the birthplace of not only the greatest superhero ever known, but also his mortal downfall, the villainous Doomsday.

gotham joker fictional travel poster
Designed by Flo Lau

Skip the big Gotham skyscrapers in favor of a more avant-garde experience: Pick the right alleyway and you might run into the Joker, who will gladly entertain you with his bag of tricks. He’s sure to put a smile on your face!

ursula little mermaid fictional travel poster
Designed by Kate Crotty

Admire Ursula’s lush underwater garden, where poor unfortunate souls wriggle playfully in the ocean current. Just five swimmable miles from the Thingamabob Museum in Ariel’s Grotto.

See the Shutterstock images and footage used to make these fictional travel posters.

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