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To offer additional high-quality footage for media organizations, Stringr has collaborated with Shutterstock to provide over 10 million video clips within the Stringr platform

TV stations need professional footage for newsworthy events. However, getting that footage has traditionally been a costly and sometimes impossible task for in-house creative teams due to location, resources, and time constraints.

Stringr reverses the process of sourcing video clips. Instead of media organizations sending their videographers on-site, Stringr brings professional footage to media organizations. By tapping into the power of the collective, Stringr is able to respond to media requests with high-quality footage in less than an hour.

By embedding the Shutterstock video library directly within the Stringr platform, media organizations now have a wider range of footage options from more videographers around the world. Moreover, the Shutterstock library is provided as on-demand assets that are available when newsrooms need them.

With transparent and easy licensing, media organizations using Stringr can use Shutterstock video content/clips without troubling themselves with the usage rights for those assets. Additionally, the Shutterstock footage library grows by 70,000 video clips per week which translates to fresh and unique content for Stringr users.

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Cover image by suriyachan

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