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As much of the world transitions from winter to spring, the landscape will change from muted gray to soft, colorful tones. In anticipation of the upcoming “spring forward,” we’ve gathered a series of compelling pastel images that help bring the spirit of the season to life.

From spun cotton candy to wedding bouquets and spectrum-dyed Easter eggs, we’re drawn to many elements of spring that embody new beginnings and the essence of light. Scroll on to experience 10 photographic looks at the seasonal color palette, then peek into Offset’s Pastel collection for further inspiration to get through these last few weeks of winter.

Susan Brooks-Dammann / Westend61 | Two glasses of orange granita and teaspoons on cloth

Michael Bennett | Overhead still life of bowls and napkins

Whitney Ott | Light shining through old glass bottles

Zach DeSart | Pale pink meringue piping on parchment paper

Erika Dufour | Woman holding pink cotton candy

Alice Gao | Bride holding a wedding bouquet 

Burcu Avsar | Different shades of dyed eggs in an egg carton 

Jasper James | An interior view of a desk and chair 

Karyn Millet | Dishes in a cupboard

Michelle L Morris | Basket of free-range eggs on hay 

Top image: Pile of unrolled bubblegum ribbon by Virginie Gosselin.

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