We’re back with another installment in our new mixtape series, Songs to Design By. This time, we used our “Bright Ideas” Featured Lightbox for inspiration. Full of color and light, it’s a collection of bold, bright imagery that lends itself perfectly to an uplifting mix of modern and classic gems. Our creative team saw that light and delivered this soundtrack for your brightest designs.

Listen to the full mix below (note: you need Spotify installed for it to play properly), explore the “Bright Ideas” Lightbox, and check out the previous volume of Songs to Design By for even more great music and imagery.

Here’s what our creative team had to say about each of the tracks selected for this mix:

“Lollipop,” Mika – “When I think of larger-than-life music, the first album that comes to mind is Mika’s Life in Cartoon Motion. It’s fitting that this particular song begins with, ‘Hey! What’s the big idea?'”

“Nighttiming,” Coconut Records – “This track has a poppy funk feel perfect for late nights spent designing, putting some rhythm in your workflow. It’s also a tune ideal for playing during a night ride through the city.”

“Fight Test,” The Flaming Lips – “This entire album (Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots) is a burst of color, energy, and imagination, and as the lead track, this song sets the stage for a creative whirlwind.”

“Ce Jeu,” Yelle – “The poppiness here is as over-the-top as it goes. All I see are colors and energy when this song comes on, and it’s great inspiration for playing when working on a more vibrant design.”

“Long exposure of a funfair ride at night” by Doctor Jools

“Colors,” Pharoah Sanders – “This dreamy free-jazz piece evokes a wide spectrum of color and light in the mind’s eye. Let it envelop you and that will come through in your work, too.”

“Unfunky UFO,” Parliament – “Drop the ‘un’ from ‘unfunky’ and you get this song. And pretty much every other song by Parliament, for that matter. Groove through the day and give up the funk, you punk.”

“Manners,” Icona Pop – “This is actually a song about treating people right, but the delivery is so catchy that you’ll be using it as a creative battle cry, too.”

“Diamonds,” Rihanna – “It may be ubiquitous already, but with the team behind this track — it was written by Sia and produced by Benny Blanco and Stargate — it’s not surprising that its hook keeps shining as brightly as your best designs.”

“Colour in Your Hands,” D.L.i.d (feat. Fink) – “This song has become a part of my personal life-movie soundtrack. It’s got an amazing, dramatic flow, and always drives me to hit the Hue & Saturation and push up the contrast.”

“Tropical floral layout” by Griselda Espino

“Young Blood,” The Naked And Famous – “When it comes to neon-inspired bands, the Naked and Famous are the first to spring into our heads. If this anthem doesn’t have you singing along while you work, nothing will.”

“Lovers in the Parking Lot,” Solange – “Dim the lights — this is a groovy one. This excellently constructed song combines some smooth sounds with equally poppy ones.”

“Spacer,” Sheila – “When you listen to this dazzling disco tune, your designs might start spinning through a colorful vortex to another space and time.”

“Colors,” Minutemen – “Just to keep you grounded, this short piece is a social commentary on the phenomenon of the use of color in the context of war.”

“Radio, Radio: Are You Getting This?” Farewell Continental – “Songs don’t need to be overly poppy or energetic to be bright. I love the playful nature of the song structure here, and the tongue-in-cheek spoken-word part at the end helps bring that point home.”

Explore the full “Bright Ideas” Featured Lightbox for more inspiration!