Earth Day is on the way (April 22), and it’s got us thinking as green as can be. This installment of Songs to Design By goes hand in hand with our “Eco Chic” Featured Lightbox, a well-timed reminder that there’s nothing more inspiring or creative than nature itself.

Let this mixtape and our imagery enhance your creative environment, and let’s all celebrate the actual environment together — not just for Earth Day, but every day. Listen to the full mix below (note: you need Spotify installed for it to play properly), explore the “Eco Chic” Lightbox, and check out the previous volumes of Songs to Design By for even more great music and images.

Here’s what our creative team had to say about each of the tracks selected for this mix:

“Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology),” Marvin Gaye – “One of the most inspiring songs on one of the most inspiring albums of all time, this soulful lament about the state of the world remains as stirring and inspiring as ever.”

The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song,” The Flaming Lips – “A fun, heady song with some great beats that makes us challenge ourselves to do right by the world.”

“Return to Innocence,” Enigma – “A dreamy, ethereal vision of a purer existence, this track is perfect for finding purity in your work.”

“Feed the Tree,” Belly – “The fantastic first single from one of the best bands of the early ’90s, this will have you singing along while simultaneously fostering your creative growth.”

Eco Businessman image by Tom Wang

“Fruto de la Tierra,” Cultura Profética – “This is by a famous roots-reggae group from Puerto Rico. It’s about loving our earth, taking care of it, and not taking its beauty for granted.”

“Dry the Rain,” The Beta Band – “The sun is out. The rain is gone. It’s time to smile. If you’ve seen High Fidelity, chances are you’re quite familiar with these guys.”

“Big Yellow Taxi,” Joni Mitchell – “Joni was thinking eco before ‘eco’ even became a thing. The Counting Crows had a hit with their remake of this classic, but the original remains the quintessential version.”

“On Melancholy Hill,” Gorillaz – “A smooth tune with far-off, echoey vocals that makes you feel a bit hopeful about the future of everything.”

Building Facade image by Eugene Sergeev

“Earth Song,” Michael Jackson – “Michael may have had issues, but no one can argue that the man didn’t care. This paean to our planet is as heartfelt as they come.”

“Black Hole Sun,” Soundgarden – “This song can be pretty frightening when you think about it. Must. Protect. Environment.”

“This Is My World,” Mano Negra – “Short news clips about the world in several languages are interspersed with lyrics that basically repeat the track’s title. An interesting, somewhat abstract track by Manu Chao’s first band.”

“All Around the World,” Oasis – “This epic, uplifting anthem is the only rallying call you need if you’re looking for inspiration. ‘All around the world / You gotta spread the word / Tell ’em what you heard / We’re gonna make a better day.'”

“What a Wonderful World,” Louis Armstrong – “Nature, happiness, and a better world. Maybe being one of the first to put it all to music also made Louis one of the best. This song is the definition of ‘timeless.'”

Blooming Woman image by Mayer George

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