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Social Media Image Sizes & Dimensions Cheat Sheet

Social Media Image Sizes and Dimensions Cheat Sheet

If you want your social media pages to look crisp and professional—which, duh, why wouldn’t you?—you need to follow the recommended social media image sizes across platforms. That’s a lot of numbers to remember. But, good news:

In this cheat sheet, we’ve collected the correct, up-to-date social media image sizes for key platforms, so you can format your images for optimal viewing, whether you’re creating a new cover photo for Facebook or updating your profile picture for LinkedIn.

Plus, with the PicMonkey editing tool, you can easily format all of your images in the correct social media dimensions. PicMonkey not only offers an easy-to-use list of the most relevant dimensions, but it also allows you to create custom sizes. Simply select a size preset or input your custom dimensions, and the app does the rest for you.

Bookmark this list for easy reference, and check back often, because these numbers will change as social media sites make updates to their platform.

Facebook Image Sizes

Facebook has nearly three billion daily active users, making it the most active social media platform around. That means you have to work hard to attract an audience and keep it engaged—and photos go a long way in doing that.

It’s crucial to use Facebook’s optimized social media sizes. An image might look fine on your device, but it could appear pixelated for other users.

For more in depth information about getting perfectly clear Facebook images, check out this guide.

Here are the recommended image dimensions for Facebook:

Image TypeDimensions (px)
Facebook cover photos820 x 312
Facebook profile photos170 x 170
Facebook event photos1200 x 628
Facebook postsAt least 1200 x 630
Facebook posts with linksAt least 1200 x 628
Facebook stories1080 x 1920 px
Facebook ads (single image)At least 1080 x 1080 px
Facebook video adsAt least 1080 x 1080 px
Facebook Story ads1080 x 1920 px
Facebook Cover Template from Shutterstock

Instagram Image Sizes

Instagram, with its roughly one billion daily active users, is an almost entirely visual platform. You simply must get your image sizes right or your photo posts, videos, and stories will sink.

Here are the recommended social media image sizes for Instagram:

Image TypeDimensions (px)
Instagram adsLandscape: 1200 X 608
Square: 1080 X 1080
Vertical: 600 X 750
Instagram profile photos320 x 320
Instagram postsLandscape: 1200 X 608
Square: 1080 X 1080
Vertical: 600 X 750
Instagram stories1080 x 1920
Instagram portrait photos1080 X 1350
Instagram landscape photos1200 X 608

If you want to take a deeper dive into these dimensions and file sizes for Instagram, this article has all the info you need as well as some lovely reference images.

Never post anything smaller than the recommended pixels or your image will stretch.

Narrow street in Venice with boats docked
Square Instagram post. Image via Sun Shock.

YouTube Image Sizes

If you want to start your own video series, you’ll probably want to do so on the foremost platform for video—YouTube. In which case, you’ll want to create some custom graphics to personalize your channel.

Use these dimensions for your channel’s banner art, icon, and thumbnail images:

Image TypeDimensions (px)
Channel art2560 x 1440
Channel icon800 x 800
Thumbnail1280 x 720
Woman showing the camera a closeup of her makeup palette
YouTube channel icon. Image via Jacob Lund.

Twitter Image Sizes

The most chatty social media platform by far, Twitter has more than 200 million active daily users sharing up-to-date news, social commentary, and memes.

Twitter’s visual component is often overlooked, but photos and videos are often the most shared content on the platform. Likewise, your profile should be optimized with the right dimensions for the profile photo and header image.

Here are the recommended social media dimensions for Twitter:

Image TypeDimensions (px)
Profile photo400 x 400
Header1500 x 500
Image post1200 x 675
Portait of a pretty young woman in green shirt leaning on a wall
Twitter profile pic. Image via El Nariz.

Pinterest Image Sizes

Known for its “boards” of hyperlinked images, Pinterest is a nice platform for organizing content in a visual way. To get the most eyes on your Pins, you need to format images to match the platform’s dimensions. (Make no mistake, users will scroll right past a pixelated or stretched Pin.)

On Pinterest, images appear in two formats—as a thumbnail on the main page or as a board—and they expand in size when users click on them. Make sure you upload images that are big enough to be expanded, and the platform will take care of the thumbnail sizes.

Here are the recommended image sizes for Pinterest:

Image TypeDimensions (px)
Pinterest carousel pin1500 x 1500
Pinterest collection pin1500 x 1500
Pinterest idea pin1080 x 1920
Pinterest static pin1000 x 1500
Pinterest square pin1000 x 1000
Fried salmon steak with rice and vegetables on wooden table
Pinterest Idea Pin. Image via Chatham172.

Etsy Image Sizes

For the crafty among us, Etsy hosts sales of handmade and DIY goods. Post as many quality pics as you can to promote your listings and make the most of the site. If relevant, post a profile pic and shop photos, as well.

Big shop banners are nearly twice the size as mini banners. In this helpful article from PicMonkey, you can find more information on the differences between the two sizes as well as some gorgeous free pre-designed templates for both Etsy big banners and Etsy mini banners.

Image via PicMonkey.

Being that Etsy is also a marketplace heavy platform—there are several other dimensions to be aware of as you are setting up your shop. Here are some recommended and required dimensions for images on the Etsy platform:

Image TypeDimensions (px)
Listing images2000 x 2000 / 72PPI
Etsy shop icon500 x 500
Etsy profile photo500 x 500
Etsy team logo170 x 100
Etsy order receipt banner760 x 100
Etsy mini shop banner1600 x 213
Etsy big shop banner1600 x 400
Etsy carousel banner1200 x 300
Etsy collage banner (2 Images)600 x 300 (minimum)
Etsy collage banner (3 Images)400 x 300 (minimum)
Etsy collage banner (4 Images)300 x 300 (minimum)
Woman repairing furniture with a screwdriver
Etsy shop owner photo. Image via Mix Tape.

LinkedIn Image Sizes

This social network serves as a first impression for many job applicants and recruiters, as well as for potential business clients or customers. It’s important to format your images to the correct dimensions, lest you seem unprofessional.

Here are the recommended image sizes for LinkedIn, whether you’re using it personally or for your business:

Image TypeDimensions (px)
Personal profile image400 x 400
Cover image/background1584 x 396
Post images1400 x 800
Company cover image1128 x 191
Close up headshot portrait of a pretty woman at home
LinkedIn profile image. Image via fizkes.

Snapchat Image Sizes

Snapchat, everyone’s favorite app for disappearing messages and cat-face filters, offers a way to communicate using images. To make the most of the platform and control the quality of your messaging, customize your images and ads.

Here are some common dimensions:

Image TypeDimensions (px)
Snapchat ad1080 x 1920
Geofilter1080 x 2340
Post images360 x 600
Handsome hipster guy taking selfie self-portrait on Brooklyn Bridge, New York
Snapchat ad. Image via Personal Belongings.

Twitch Image Sizes

For gamers wanting to stream their highlights, Twitch is the place to be. Offering a solid revenue stream for gamers, it has become one of the highest sources of traffic on the entire internet.

With that in mind, it’s probably best to nail your highlight dimensions to look super pro.

Use this:

Image TypeDimensions (px)
Twitch highlight1920 x 1080
Portrait of happy African American father and son sitting in sofa couch and playing console video games together at home
Twitch highlight. Image via Mix Tape.

How to Resize an Image Using PicMonkey

You can easily crop, resize, and add text to your images using PicMonkey, where you can choose a platform-specific template that’s automatically sized to the dimensions of the image you want to make. (Convenient!)

On the home page, click Create new > Blank canvases, then choose your platform and image category.

Screenshot of PicMonkey editing homepage

After you set the dimensions of the canvas, click into Photos & Video in the left-hand toolbar and select Add photo or video to upload your image or select from the many options available to you from within the library. Then, use the blue crop-and-resize handles on the image to adjust it, as in the image below.

That’s it! A no-hassle way to make sure your social media images look crisp and professional.

Screenshot of how to crop and resize an image in PicMonkey

Easy peasy!

Cover image via leungchopan.

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