We’ve partnered with our friends at global photography site Feature Shoot to spotlight some of the most compelling images in our Offset collection. This week, we sample an array of vibrant street-food photography from around the world.

No matter the destination, there are a few universal experiences that world travelers anticipate: visiting historical sites, living it up at trendy hotspots, and of course, noshing on some authentic street food. Of all the classic holiday indulgences, street food is by far the least expensive and most accessible, requiring only a few bucks and a hunger for bold new flavors.

Despite its ubiquitous appeal, street food varies immensely, from the corn dishes of Mexico’s half-million food stands to the fried crickets of Thailand, where competitions are held to determine who can tolerate the spiciest foods. Whether you’re savoring a pastry in Cambodia or bracing yourself for the scorpion skewers of Beijing, street food stands are the perfect place to test your adventurousness, people watch, and genuinely immerse yourself in the culture of a place.

Scorpion Skewers Are Popular Street Food in Beijing, China by Jasper James

This collection of powerful Offset imagery showcases both the diversity and universality of street food and its rich traditions around the globe. Scroll on to explore all the exotic eats and treats that could make the menu for your next trip.

High Angle View of Pastry Balls Frying in a Pan by Matt Dutile

Corn on the Cob with Cheese, Lime Juice and Coriander by Gina Weathersby

Street Vendor Holding Two Cups of Mexican Corn Salad by Jessica Leibowitz

Close Up of Fried Crickets by Matt Dutile

KOCHI, India - May 1, 2014: Man Selling Vadas by Sheri Giblin

Fried Fish Balls on Sticks in Bangkok by Matt Dutile

Cups of Chopped Watermelon by Sheri Giblin

Potato Chips Freshly Fried by Shea Evans

A Man Displays a Fresh Roll by Aaron Joel Santos

Frying Chinese Oil Stick by Michel Figuet

Top Image: June 24, 2012: Women sell hot potato snacks in the Ancient Town of Hoi An, Vietnam by Robert Harding World Imagery

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