Offset by Shutterstock is a hand-picked collection of extraordinary, engaging imagery from top artists and storytellers around the world.

Ever feel nostalgic for those early years of your life when it was still okay to be a kid — when the pressure of adulthood hadn’t quite sunk in?

The following images are a celebration of the awkward, awe-inducing, and hopeful moments of being a teenager. We’ve captured the hormones, angst, and unbridled optimism of adolescence in our “Smells Like Teen Spirit” curated collection, inspired by images of youth from around the world.

Scroll down for a few of our favorites, then head to the collection for more.

Portrait of young woman hanging out of the back of a school bus by Nigel Riches
African basketball players sitting in gym
African basketball players sitting in gym by Hill Street Studios / Blend
Close up of boy’s hand carrying schoolbooks by Jacob Thomas
Teen band practicing in garage by The Good Brigade
Model Release - No
Varanasi, India – July 18, 2011: Group of Indian teenage boys by Alejandro Moreno de Carlos
Cape Town, South Africa – February 17, 2015: Female student covering her face in South Africa by Luciano Perbellini
Teenage boy chewing bubble gum and blowing large bubble, laying on grass (MR)
Teenage boy chewing bubble gum and blowing large bubble, laying on grass by Paul Edmondson
Couple dancing in subway by Cavan Images
Two schoolgirls riding their bicycles on the road to school in the Town of Duong Dong, Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam. 17/04/2015.
Duong Dong, Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam – April 17, 2015: Vietnamese schoolgirls riding their bikes to school by Andrew Lever

Top image: Teenage girl under water by Dieter Schewig/Westend61.


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