Introducing Smart Brief: A Streamlined and Guided Brief Writing Experience

Shutterstock Custom is proud to debut our streamlined briefing platform. Smart Brief is a guided briefing experience that saves valuable time, enables better collaboration, and requires less upfront effort on brief writing.

Since its launch, Shutterstock Custom has helped hundreds of enterprise clients scale branded content creation with an innovative technology platform and editing tools. Shutterstock Custom uses technology to connect brands with a global network of contributors. Contributors, in turn, shoot bespoke visual and video content that’s unique to your brand.

As social media breaks down digital borders, there are more pressing needs for targeted, localized content to connect with audiences on a global scale. Shutterstock Custom fulfills the need for more scalable creative solutions and, now, the creative process has gotten even easier.

Our latest release, Smart Brief, improves the quality and speed of the briefing process by providing a guided experience. Using Smart Brief, Shutterstock Custom clients spend less time on brief inputs. This process speeds up turnaround times so you receive high-quality custom content at faster rates. Ultimately, this accelerated process means less time spent transcribing briefs and more time strategizing and collaborating on effective promotions.

The three key capabilities of Smart Brief

Our team used data extracted from hundreds of past brief submissions to develop Smart Brief. Our team analyzed input details as well as client interviews to shape the new briefing process addressing key areas for improvement.

There are three key features of Smart Brief that accelerate and improve the brief-writing process:

Intelligent questions for easy to digest briefs

Smart Brief is, as the name implies, an intelligent platform. It asks only the most relevant questions as you make your way through the brief-writing process. This streamlined approach ensures only the most accurate and critical inputs are submitted into the brief. In a nutshell, this is a guided briefing experience.

Additionally, it’s easier for your selected contributors to understand your brief by eliminating any conflicting or unnecessary information. This allows contributors to quickly and easily surmise brief expectations so you can receive content faster and easier.

Collaborative and streamlined team workflows

Using Smart Brief, teams quickly and easily share feedback or seek approvals. This is a particularly powerful benefit for large and geographically dispersed teams. Smart Brief eliminates guesswork. In essence, this feature opens the door to more collaborative work environments.

If there are any changes to brief requirements or recommended improvements from a colleague or superior, they’re easily viewed within the Smart Brief tool. Basically, you can accept any changes and even revert back to previous versions of the brief template with a quick click of a button. Similarly, you can clone existing briefs for new projects rather than go through the process of building a brief from scratch again.

Ability to clone briefs as needed

Sometimes, your content needs will change. In some cases, they’ll change multiple times throughout the calendar year, especially due to unexpected performance results.

Rather than build a new brief requirement document every time your needs change, Smart Brief allows you to adapt an existing brief with no hassle at all. You can adjust the level of control on shoots if a particular scenario is more complex. You can also easily adjust your production value or service level for particular projects, all within the convenience of the platform.

Shutterstock Custom also offers pre- and post-production services

In addition to Smart Brief, we’ve introduced new pre- and post-production creative services. These capabilities are available to all Shutterstock clients to add additional touchups to existing content, or even repurpose useable assets into something brand new.

Some of our most exciting offers include:

Convert to motion

Clients can turn an existing still image into a motion format by adding lightweight video elements with the option to choose one of the multiple styles, including:

  • GIF
  • Cinemagraph
  • Parallax

Convert to mobile video

Turn existing content into a mobile-first video for use on either Facebook or Instagram. This is a great way to extend the lifespan of existing content and repurpose it into content that can be leveraged in new campaigns. In the end, you can substantially increase your creative output.

Convert to pins

Turn existing still images or videos into ready-to-post pins that are fully optimized for Pinterest. This service helps marketers take advantage of the growth potential of a Pinterest audience. Pinterest remains a largely untapped network from a marketing point of view. However, consumers are actively engaged with content on the platform, making it a must-use channel for marketers to build stronger connections with their audiences.

eCommerce optimization

Enhance the quality of existing images or videos that are designed to drive engagement and purchases on major e-commerce marketplaces. These are typically product-specific assets that are cropped and touched up for the ideal resolution when trying to sell products on e-commerce platforms.

For more details about our new services, or to learn how you can benefit from Smart Brief, visit Shutterstock Custom for additional information.

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