Nejc Slatner was flying airplanes and helicopters from a young age, and built his first drone years before they became commercially popular. Of course, Slatner didn’t realize that his teenage passion would eventually lead to a career in aerial videography, or that his friend Ajda Gorjanc would become his future partner in both romance and profession. As Slatner and Gorjanc’s friendship evolved, however, so did their skills and passion for filming. Today, Gorjanc’s logistical and creative skills complement Slatner’s technical and filming abilities for their aerial-filming business, Helivideo.

The duo, who contribute as Flystock, agree that their success boils down to their partnership. In their story on Shutterstock Panorama™, Slatner and Gorjanc fondly agree that “at the end of the day, we are working for each other.” Their business has brought them all over the world, but their native Slovenia is the country they love filming most. “Almost every landscape you can imagine, it’s here,” says Gorjanc.

Aerial of professional swimmer

Check out more clips from Slatner and Gorjanc below, then read their full story on Shutterstock Panorama and view their complete Shutterstock portfolio, including thousands of additional videos.

Skateboarder does flip at sunset

Aerial of surfers watching waves at sunset

Aerial of a misty river in winter


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