Sixty Seconds improves speed and quality of video creation for recruiters and companies with the Shutterstock API integration.

Built on abundant research that shows video drives results, Sixty Seconds offers an easy to use video creation tool that helps recruiters and businesses produce video job adverts in 60 seconds.

In April 2019, Sixty Seconds integrated the Shutterstock API to deliver high-quality images and video clips within its video creation workflow. With over 250 million ready-to-use creative assets available at their fingertips, users can create beautiful and professional video job adverts without leaving the Sixty Seconds interface.

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Streamlined workflow to accelerate video creation

Sixty Seconds Integrates Shutterstock API to Streamline Video Job Ad Creation - Streamline Video Production

Image by g-stockstudio

According to a Glassdoor research study based on data from 25 countries, the average recruiting process is 23.7 days. Unfortunately, a longer recruiting process leads to increased costs for companies.

The Shutterstock API enhances user workflow in Sixty Seconds by delivering images and video clips directly within the video creation experience. By preventing users from having to interrupt their creative process to search, license, download, and return to upload creative assets, the Shutterstock API supports a frictionless creative workflow. Thus, Sixty Seconds’ users can save time from the very start of their recruitment process.

Eye-catching job adverts with high-quality assets

Sixty Seconds Integrates Shutterstock API to Streamline Video Job Ad Creation - High-Quality Assets

Image by Gorynvd

With Sixty Seconds, recruiters can create videos-based job postings with high discoverability to attract the right candidates through social channels. However, standing out amidst the infinite scroll of social media can be difficult.

To help recruiters catch people’s attention, Sixty Seconds is expanding its content library with high-quality Shutterstock assets. Each image and video clip in the Shutterstock library is vetted for quality and compliance with copyright laws. Combined with a powerful search algorithm, the Shutterstock API helps Sixty Seconds deliver impactful assets quickly.

Diverse content to meet every recruiting need

Sixty Seconds Integrates Shutterstock API to Streamline Video Job Ad Creation - Diverse Audiences

Image by dotshock

As Sixty Seconds grows, so do the needs of its user base. For example, a recruiter for a technology startup has different branding needs from a recruiter for an established manufacturing company. Additionally, recruiters looking to hire a candidate for a marketing role versus a systems operations administrator role may design their video job adverts differently to appeal to different demographics.

To help Sixty Seconds meet user demands at scale, the Shutterstock API delivers over 250 million assets immediately upon integration. Moreover, the Shutterstock API is updated in real time as the Shutterstock content library grows by more than one million new assets per week.

How can the Shutterstock API support your business?

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