You can now sign up to Shutterstock and become a contributor through our iOS and Android apps, making earning money doing what you love easier than ever. With this update, becoming a Shutterstock Contributor has never been easier.

This update ensures that photographers, videographers, illustrators, and composers around the world can start earning money through their work with a quick app download. It really is that easy.

Click here to sign-up to Shutterstock by downloading the iOS app or the Android app.

Sign Up to Become a Shutterstock Contributor — In-app Signup
Shutterstock Illustration by GoodStudio.

Already a contributor? If you haven’t downloaded the contributor app, we encourage you to do so. Here are a few benefits to using the Shutterstock Contributor App.

Upload from your phone, start earning instantly

When you sign up to Shutterstock through the Contributor App and get verified, you can instantly start to upload your content to our marketplace. Those countless images on your phone have a home on our marketplace.

With iPhone and Android technology growing every day, there are phones available that can take better images than many DSLRs out there. Your content has a home at Shutterstock.

Sign Up to Become a Contributor in the Shutterstock App — Upload In-App
Shutterstock Image by Mila Supinskaya Glashchenko.

An app in your language

Our team is passionate about creating a platform that supports global artists that want to sign up to Shutterstock, as well as contributors already on our marketplace.

On the contributor app, you can expect to receive your content submission, dashboard, updates, and in-app notifications in the language you select. Choose your language via your language settings on your mobile device for our iOS and Android apps.

For more information on the 21 languages available on the app, click here.

Sign Up to Become a Contributor in the Shutterstock App — 21 Languages
Shutterstock Illustration by Qvasimodo Art

We can’t wait for you to sign up to Shutterstock and start earning money doing what you love. If you have suggestions, comments, or wish to report an issue, please email us at

Featured image by Jacob Lund.

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