Shutterstock’s search just got smarter with a custom-built convolutional neural network, based on pixel data technology. Or, to put it another way, we have reverse image search. Even better, we now have reverse image search for video, so you can find video clips that match the look and feel of your images.

Here’s how these search features can help you.

If you’re organized . . .

mens clothing flat lay
Image by photobyphotoboy

You find inspiration everywhere: blogs, newspapers, your social media feed. Every time you see a beautiful image you save it to your Pinterest board, ready for when you need it. Now you can take one of these images that inspires you and drag it into our search bar. We’ll find one that matches for you to save, share, download, or just add to your collection.

If you’re disorganized . . .

messy disorganized clutter stock photo
Image by Roberts Photography

There’s an image on your desktop. You love it. It inspires you. It’s perfect. You just don’t know where it came from. Reverse image search can help. Drag the image into the search bar and our technology will find one that matches. And once you’ve found it, our worry-free licensing means there’s nothing else to think about.

If you like to be different . . .

woman in weird pose surreal
Image by Evgeniya Porechenskaya

Your company sticks with the tried and tested, and their images haven’t changed in years. Reverse image search is a quick way to update your company’s visual approach; find images that complement the current choice, but feel fresher. You’ll stay true to the brand but keep your customers engaged.

If you think visually . . .

polaroid photos on desk
Image by Mariia Masich

You know what you’re looking for but you’re not sure how to put it into words, like that plant that looks like Darth Vader, or that building in Shanghai that reminds you of a bottle opener. Search with the image you can’t quite describe and find what you need instantly.

If you’re a perfectionist . . .

coffee cup with foam art
Image by Everything

A colleague sent you an image they want to use in a presentation or pitch. It’s good, but it’s not perfect. Search with their image and you’ll be presented with an array of similar options that work even better. Going the extra mile no longer means extra work.

If you’re particular . . .

three french bulldogs
Image by Grisha Bruev

You know exactly what you want: A French bulldog playing on a beach. Not a pug — a French bulldog. Preferably a puppy. With a whimsical expression. The technology behind reverse image search breaks down images into their principal features, recognizing even the smallest details. Search as specific as you are.

If you’re busy . . .

man and woman working on computers
Image by Yuganov Konstantin

You need to create a social campaign. You’ve got an ambitious idea; a series of images that feel connected and tell a story. What you don’t have is time to search. Reverse image can help. Choose one image to search with and you’ll see others that match in style, tone, or content. You know it’s important for brand identity to maintain visual consistency, so skip the middleman and use reverse image search. It’s easy to create work that works together.

If you like the easy option . . .

Aside from anything else, reverse image is the easiest and most entertaining way to search. Drag. Drop. Discover.