Home Design Design Inspiration Shutterstock’s Pantone Project, Swatch 3: Ultramarine Green

Welcome to another burst of color magic with the third installment in the Shutterstock Pantone Project. This week’s swatch to watch is Ultramarine Green. In nature, Ultramarine is usually blue, due to one of its mineral bases, lapiz lasuli; Pantone’s trending color for fall is hued with green, though, deepening its cooling effect.

Conjuring a rain-drenched, mossy forest or lost underwater city, Ultramarine Green is a great transitional color for the changing of the seasons. Pair it with classic whites for a clean, sleek look, or mixed up with Gold or Titanium for a more Fall-forward approach.

Check out our color-curated inspiration collage and images below, then be sure to catch up on our first swatch, Rose Smoke, and the follow-up, Rhapsody. And stay tuned as we continue to roll out further installments in our Fall Color Guide Series!

Additional Ultramarine Green discoveries:

Travel: Dip into the Ultramarine Green waves of the Tyrrhenian Sea near La Cinta beach, Sardinia, Italy. | Sailorr

Abstract: Catch a mermaid, or maybe the mighty Poseidon, in these abstract Ultramarine Green nets. |  Neale Cousland

Interiors: Could this be a modern day Atlantis? Ultramarine Green gives this space a mystical underwater effect. |  javi_indy

Patterns: These Ultramarine Green links create a classic chain pattern, perfect for a sleek design. |  Paolo Tedde

Foodie: Ultramarine Green does the heavy lifting on these fresh-market mussels, playing off just a touch of gold. | prapat1120

Backgrounds: Tweety birds on Ultramarine Green make a great Twitter background. | Lavandaart

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