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How a Shutterstock Team Subscription Increased Productivity & Efficiency at CivicPlus

Anyone who has been involved in local government (or who has watched an episode of Parks & Recreation) knows that operating a town is not for the faint of heart.

Public servants are almost always asked to do more with less. Like creating, launching and maintaining a municipal website to inform their citizens. When local governments need a quality website, they turn to companies like CivicPlus, in partnership with Shutterstock, to make sure they don’t accidentally wind up with a webpage featuring Pookie the Panda (like that of Pawnee, Ind., the fictional town where Parks & Recreation is set).

The Client

For the last two decades, CivicPlus has been helping local governments create municipal websites and reach more citizens through designs and software crafted to meet their unique needs. CivicPlus offers the experience of 200 team members who have worked to create more than 2,000 government websites throughout the United States and Canada. This niche market requires exceptional service and the intimate knowledge of both public policy and the quirks of individual municipalities.

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The Goals

Even after 20 years of business, CivicPlus was still looking to further grow its offerings and win more contracts with organizations around the country. As a GSA certified provider, CivicPlus had the potential to tap into huge volumes of government work if they were able to find a workflow that could scale according to the needs of these clients.

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The Challenge

Creating pitches is frequently part of the creative process, but the high cost of samples and mock-ups was hindering CivicPlus’s ability to expand its business. Low resolution, watermarked images from other photography sites weren’t an option when CivicPlus needed to show immediate value in the pitch process.

Not only was CivicPlus facing a cost-benefit problem, but they were also tackling a logistical issue. A single person on the CivicPlus team was responsible for accessing an image repository and providing files for a 14-person team. Not surprisingly, this led to a workflow bottleneck and one seriously frustrated team member.


The Shutterstock Solution

When CivicPlus moved to Shutterstock – and its Team Subscription – as an image provider, the first noticeable change was the ability to keep up with a high volume process. Not only did the productivity of the team increase with access to quality imagery, but the stability of the process also improved as employees were able to self-serve. Whereas before when one individual was responsible for acting as a gateway to content, now many people are able to log into CivicPlus’s Shutterstock Team Subscription account, keeping projects moving along on schedule.

The CivicPlus team was also impressed with Shutterstock’s bank of locally relevant imagery that had the potential to appeal to a wide range of prospective customers. Offering imagery that could speak to the exact location of a government group helped set CivicPlus above other competitors who were using the same homogenous design without embracing the nuances of local cultures.


The Results

A streamlined creative workflow and access to imagery that appealed to location-specific organizations helped CivicPlus to continue winning bids with government agencies. Thanks to a partnership with Shutterstock, CivicPlus is able to scale its quality work to reach more municipalities and unlock new contracts.

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