Welcome to the inaugural installment of the Shutterstock Superstar feature. We asked Shutterstock subscribers to share some of their favorite design work they produced using our images. Our first Superstar is Joonas Paloheimo, a designer based in Finland.

Joonas: This is a background illustration from my portfolio. The illustrations won Silver at the Finnish Best of the Year 2009 competition!

Images used:

Shutterstock image 17236408
Shutterstock image 2677277

Joonas: This is a part of an ongoing tragedy I created titled “Date night gone wrong.” The rest of the series can be seen here.

Images used:

Shutterstock image 32863942
Shutterstock image 44263360

Joonas: This is Illustration for the Fragile Childhood organization. The group was founded in 1986 with the goal of helping children who suffer from parental alcohol misuse. The whole campaign and full credits can be seen here.

Image used:

Shutterstock image 27102769

Joonas: This is a great example of why I can go for hours, finding images that inspire me. As you can see, these fantastic poses were begging for me to create something.

Images used:

Shutterstock image 30869761
Shutterstock image 24314236

Joonas: When the idea and the right image collide, it’s actually really easy to layout.

Image used:

Shutterstock image 10128775

To see more of my shenanigans, please visit: www.joonaspaloheimo.com and www.behance.net/joonas


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