Last July, Shutterstock announced a grant program created to celebrate the diverse backgrounds and imagery of our contributing artists. As part of the team that managed this initiative, I can say that the experience was truly life-changing. We received stories from contributors in 39 countries, and each submission provided a unique glimpse into the lives of our artists. I’ll never forget the courage of Osei Owusu Banahene, the kindheartedness of Susan Schmitz, the entrepreneurial spirit of Urszula Łysionek — the list truly goes on and on.

One year later, I’m thrilled that Shutterstock Stories has been able to continue beyond the grant program, as we continue to put contributors in the spotlight on our blog each month. Now, in honor of Stories’ one-year anniversary, we’ve created a “Super Stories” video that features not just one, but eight of our contributing artists from around the globe: (in order of appearance) Paul Prescott, Enis Zaimi, Jane Rix, Elnur Amikishiyev, Robb Crocker, Cathy Yeulet, Manav Lohia, and Stephan Karg. In the clip, these extraordinary individuals talk about getting started in the stock industry, what inspires them, and what their dream shoots would be.

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