With the rapid rise of social media, brands can’t afford to neglect their presence on channels like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram (among others). Percolate is a company founded on the concept of helping brands create engaging content on these platforms, and now Shutterstock is helping them do it.

Through our latest integrated partnership, brands using Percolate now have access to the Shutterstock library of high-quality, royalty-free images to use when creating Percolate campaigns.

Following this summer’s announcement of our partnership with Facebook, this integration represents yet another way Shutterstock is enabling businesses to elevate their imagery through use of our library.

When creating a social-media campaign through Percolate, the company’s clients — which include such big names as Unilever, MasterCard, GE, and Budweiser — can browse and license images relevant to their brand and target audience both for inspiration and for the quick creation of sharable content.

Percolate’s built-in photo-editing tools make it easy to create eye-catching posts using Shutterstock images in very little time. And, of course, every time a Shutterstock image is used, the contributor behind it earns a royalty.

Like Shutterstock, Percolate is a New York-based tech company, so this partnership couldn’t be more natural. We’re excited to be a part of what they’re building, and to add them to the list of partners we’re working with to provide creative inspiration and improved workflows to businesses around the world.