Shutterstock releases a new plugin for the Adobe Creative Cloud®. You can now access the entire Shutterstock library within Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro.

Last summer, Shutterstock unveiled a free plugin for Adobe Photoshop®, which was met with an overwhelmingly positive response from designers and non-designers alike. Continuing our efforts to make life easier for the entire Shutterstock customer base, we’ve extended capabilities to video editors and illustrators with three additional plugins.

The new Shutterstock plugin for the Adobe Creative Cloud® is available now! Use the plugin to browse the Shutterstock library in Adobe Photoshop®, Adobe InDesign®, Adobe Illustrator®, and Adobe Premiere Pro®.

The New Shutterstock Plugin for the Adobe Creative Cloud — Plugin

Download the Shutterstock Plugin for the Adobe Creative Cloud®

Explore the Shutterstock library without ever leaving the Adobe Creative Cloud®. Visit this page to download the Shutterstock Plugin.

Shutterstock Plugin for Adobe Photoshop®

After the initial Adobe Photoshop® plugin launch, we’ve gone back and made quite a few updates. It’s now even faster and easier to browse and license images, all without leaving Adobe Photoshop®. You can quickly find the perfect image in one of the many curated Collections. Download and edit watermarked images for free, and then license the image with the click of a button. Any changes and adjustments will automatically apply to your final image.

Discover the new features:

  • New curated Collections of portraits, scenery, and backgrounds.
  • More streamlined design to save even more time.
  • Even more royalty-free content to discover.

Shutterstock Plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro®

The brand new Shutterstock plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro® gives you access to over 8 million clips from the Shutterstock library. Preview 4K, HD, and archival footage without ever leaving Adobe Premiere Pro®.

  • Preview and edit full resolution clips directly in your timeline.
  • License a clip, and your edits will automatically be applied to the licensed clip.
  • Search video clips by frame rate and resolution.
  • Browse our Director’s Choices, which include Collections like establishing shots, production elements, and more!

Shutterstock Plugin for Adobe Illustrator®

Instantly create graphics, illustrations, icons, and more with our plugin for Adobe Illustrator®. Get easy access to millions of Shutterstock vectors, or explore our specially curated Collections.

Curated Collections:

  • Backgrounds, such as textures and patterns.
  • Characters, from flat to 3D, pop art to silhouettes.
  • UI elements, with templates, icons, fonts, and infographics.

Shutterstock Plugin for Adobe InDesign®

Design without delay with our plugin for the Adobe InDesign® application. Whether it’s for print or digital, you’ll find images for every design project.

  • Get any image you need without leaving the application.
  • Preview any watermarked image for free.
  • Love it? License it. Want something else? Replacing it is easy.

Download the Shutterstock Plugin for the Adobe Creative Cloud® Now!

Head over to the official page to download the Shutterstock Plugin.