Sure, mornings can be tough, but thanks to our latest partnership, there’s one more reason to get excited about hopping out of bed. Shutterstock is proud to announce that we’re now the Official Partner for Visual Inspiration for CreativeMornings, the much-loved breakfast-talk series founded by Swissmiss‘ Tina Roth Eisenberg.

Since she launched CreativeMornings in New York in 2008, Eisenberg’s inspirational brainchild has grown into a global phenomenon, now taking place in cities and design communities around the world. Each month, local chapters select a speaker and organize an event based around a global theme, providing a forum for creatives to come together and share ideas (and breakfast), free of charge.

“Having Shutterstock as one of our first global partners will enable us to launch new cities, equip hosts with exciting tools, and better serve this international community of passionate, creative people,” said Eisenberg of the newly minted partnership.

Here at Shutterstock, we’re equally excited. “We’re thrilled to help expand CreativeMornings and support creatives from a variety of disciplines who come to be inspired, learn, and connect with others in their local creative community,” said Hani Hong, Shutterstock’s Director of Marketing.

With 57 cities already on board, CreativeMornings continues to expand, and we couldn’t be happier about joining in to help shape the future of the series. For a complete list of existing chapters, details on upcoming events, or information on forming a new chapter, visit