When we ask our customers what they want from Shutterstock, they say they want better tools to find the right images. Challenge accepted!
This week we’re phasing in a new feature of Shutterstock’s search engine. We’re introducing a new sort order called Relevant.

This search has only one goal, to help customers find the most accurate images based on your keywords. And it gets smarter every day!

When customers perform searches, they will see four buttons to filter their search results: New, Popular, Relevant and Random.


Here are some common questions and answers about how the new sort order will affect contributors.
Is Relevant now the default search order?

No. This is a new option in addition to our current sort orders, which will function the same as they did before. We may change the default in the future if customers prefer Relevant sort order.

How does the Relevant sort order work?

We built the Relevant sort order as a way to deliver more accurate results to customers. It’s designed to get better over time. We will be refining it as well, based on what we learn. Results will vary from day to day, and may vary from user to user as we make adjustments.

What’s the difference between Popular and Relevant?

Popular looks primarily at the number of times an image has been downloaded. Relevant is a more sophisticated algorithm that considers a mix of factors.

What’s the bottom line for contributors?

Relevant sort order will reward images with accurate keywords. This change will lead to more downloads across the site, which will benefit contributors who supply accurate keywords.

Does Shutterstock have more resources about keywording?

Here are some previous Shutterbuzz stories about how to keyword your images.