Shutterstock Launches Redesigned Developer Portal as API Usage Soars - The Shutterstock Blog

To meet the needs of an increasing number of platforms building with the Shutterstock API, Shutterstock redesigned the developer portal and made major updates to API documentation

Shutterstock Launches Redesigned Developer Portal as API Usage Soars - Gif of redesigned Shutterstock developer portal homepage


The Shutterstock API integration currently powers the creative workflow for leading marketing technology platforms including Google, Facebook, Wix, IBM, Hubspot, and more.

As the sole entry point for platforms to innovate with the Shutterstock API, the developer portal must communicate the range of solutions available and provide robust support for working with the Shutterstock API.

Providing an optimal developer experience allows developers to speed up the time it takes to make the first successful API call, quickly locate the appropriate endpoint information for the task at hand, and reduce the need to submit support requests.

In order to enable a frictionless developer experience and encourage more people to explore the Shutterstock API, we took on the task of redesigning the developer portal.

New Features

Shutterstock Launches Redesigned Developer Portal as API Usage Soars - Gif of API Reference page

The redesign was kicked off with comprehensive user research with developers and product managers at startups, small and mid-sized companies, and enterprise-scale organizations.

This research captured a diverse set of needs ranging from developers looking for easy-to-use documentation to prototype and ship quickly, to those seeking extensible third-party functionalities, to companies with a need for platform licensing solutions, and more. Based on our findings, the following features are included in the new developer portal:

  • New API reference page that provides the conceptual context for endpoints, code examples in cURL, Node.js/JavaScript, and Python, as well as a Postman collection
  • New API status page which delivers real-time system performance information with an option to subscribe for updates
  • Upgraded documentation with an improved landing page for fast navigation, quickstart guide, and comprehensive details about endpoints and parameters with relevant code examples for each command
  • A new Homepage and Partners page in 21 languages that captures a snapshot of our incredible partner network and range of API solutions to communicate the value of the Shutterstock API for developers, product owners, and business stakeholders alike.


Shutterstock is a global creative platform that offers over 225 million royalty-free images, video clips, and music tracks as well as a complete suite of solutions for enhancing creative workflows. These solutions include AI-powered reverse image search, Shutterstock Editor, and a number of plugins built with the Shutterstock public API.

With the redesigned developer portal, creating world-class applications and increasing platform functionalities with the Shutterstock API is easier and faster than ever.