Photo Hack Day, put on by Aviary, is a 24 hour image-centric hackathon that brings together the brightest minds in photography, photo-editing, web design, computer science, and more. Shutterstock sponsored the first Photo Hack Day, and is thrilled to sponsor it again; we love the free thinking, spontaneity, and often serendipitous discovery that comes from hackathons, and to have one focused specifically on photography is simply awesome. This year’s event takes place at General Assembly in New York City on February 25-26.

The first Photo Hack Day (last summer) had over 200 developers who put together 43 impressive hacks with APIs from 25 different companies. These “hacks” showcased some amazing ideas, ranging from an application that allowed you to upload a photo and instantly add a beard or mustache, to an application that gauges the emotional stability of a website based on facial recognition of its photos.

We hope to see some more amazing hacks this year across the board, and are eager to see how folks will use the Shuttertsock search API in their projects. A few ideas that particularly excite us, are: searching the Shutterstock collection based on mood (using facial recognition), searching the collection by matching a color from another photo (like mood boards), and finding similar photos in the collection based on specific people in the photos. And, of course, we are super excited to see things that we haven’t even thought of yet!

To top all of this excitement off, we are giving away a DSLR to the team who creates the best hack using the Shutterstock API!

Here is the link to the Photo Hack Day site where you can find out more information:
About Photo Hack Day:
API’s & Ideas:

As usual, we’ll be tweeting and posting live from the event next weekend, and will recap the best hacks here on the blog.

Matt Smith
Director, New Products