Here at Shutterstock HQ, we just put a fresh coat of paint on our monthly e-mail newsletters. These newsletters are the most popular way we communicate with our users, and we’re going to spend 2011 making them bolder, better and more useful. Starting this month, the Shutterstock newsletter sports a new look and a new name: The Shutterstock Insider.

We publish two editions: one that goes to everyone with a Shutterstock paid or browse account, and another that goes to all contributors. The first edition is on its way; if you’re reading this, it’s likely you’ve already opened it. You’ll notice the redesigned newsletter gives greater prominence to images, which, after all, is what we do. We’ll also be bringing you more news about image trends—actionable information you can use for upcoming design projects. We will continue with many of the features that our readers have enjoyed in the past, including tutorials.

Another new feature will be including content from our popular blogs, The Shutterstock Blog (for customers) and Shutterbuzz (for contributors), to make sure our stories are easy to link to, share, and comment on. Even if you don’t get the newsletter, you can always check the blogs for the latest news.

We’ll be making further refinements throughout the year as we learn what you enjoy reading about most. Have some bright ideas? Take a quick, 5-question survey and tell us your opinion.