If you work in film, technology, music, or media, and reside in the U.S., chances are you’ve heard of SXSW (pronounced “South by Southwest” or just “South by” for short). Located in Austin, Texas, the annual festival hosts more than 50,000 attendees across three segments (Film, Interactive and Music), and has quickly become one of the most iconic cross-industry events in the western hemisphere. It’s a festival on a grand scale – there are live concerts, screenings, book signings, awards ceremonies, thousands of panel presentations, and hundreds of parties over the course of nearly two weeks (March 9-18 this year).

Because SXSW is more than a festival of the “arts,” it’s a cultural and educational event at the crossroads of technology and creativity, Shutterstock typically sends at least a handful of people down to Austin to attend. Last year, some of our team’s favorite sessions included one on developing apps for social good, gamifying editorial content, and developing infographics from owned data. We also attended photographer meet ups where we learned about some of the new marketing struggles facing new photographers.

This year we’ve decided to do something bigger. We want to show the world some of the really unique and exciting flavors of Austin, and convey visually, just how dynamic this festival is. I can’t reveal all the details just yet, but I will say it’s interactive, it’s edgy, and whether you’re in Austin or in Tokyo, you’ll be able to see first hand exactly what goes on at this energetic festival – right on our Facebook page.

Our team heads to Austin on Thursday, so check back tomorrow to get all the exciting details right here on the blog.

Meagan Kirkpatrick
Director of Communications