Shutterstock is pleased to announce a collaboration with Facebook, enabling Shutterstock contributors to license their images to more than one million advertisers through Facebook’s ad platform.
This relationship connects Shutterstock contributors to an entirely new revenue opportunity: the large number of small- and medium-sized business owners on Facebook who are interested in reaching customers online. The collaboration emphasizes Shutterstock’s ability to increase and expand revenue opportunities for artists and to deliver the highest number of paid licenses across a global customer base.

Through Facebook’s ad platform, a business such as a local farmers’ market can target potential customers by creating ads that appear in Facebook’s News Feed and right-hand column. Facebook will offer Shutterstock images to advertisers as part of the ads they create. As a contributor, you’ll earn a royalty each time an advertiser licenses one of your images for use in Facebook advertising.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I benefit from this relationship?

You will now be able to earn royalties from Facebook’s one million active advertisers. Eighteen million local businesses have pages on Facebook, providing ample opportunity for future growth.

Who will be able to license my images?

Facebook serves a wide audience, but its advertisers are often local business owners. The platform is particularly appealing to local businesses because of its ease of use, affordability, and ability to accurately target users with products and services that are directly relevant to their interests and location. Facebook offers these images at no additional cost to their customers as part of using the ad platform, but every image license generates a paid royalty to our contributors.

How and where will my images be used? Who sees them?

Images used in ads will be limited to digital sizes — often appearing as thumbnails — and unlike our standard royalty-free license, use of the images is limited to Facebook. The images themselves are never downloaded by customers — they’re incorporated into ads via the Facebook interface. Ads can be targeted based on “likes” or based on viewer demographic data such as age, gender and other factors. Facebook users have control over which ads they see.

How much will I get paid for each download, and where can I track my earnings?

Royalties for each download are based on a contributor’s earnings tier and will be the same as or more than those for subscription downloads, with usage rights that are more limited than those in our standard royalty-free license. Your royalties will appear on your Shutterstock earnings summary in the ‘Single & Other Downloads’ column.

Do I earn a royalty each time my image is licensed?

Yes. Each license grants a single Facebook advertiser the right to use an image. If the advertiser chooses a different image for an existing or new campaign, an additional royalty will be generated for the new usage. Advertisers may also split a single campaign into multiple simultaneous “A/B tests” that use different images. Each separate image use generates its own royalty. For example, if a Facebook advertiser tests six ad versions with six different images, all six images will generate a unique royalty to contributors.

How can I optimize my earnings through this?

To optimize your earnings from this relationship, study how ads are being used on Facebook. Since images are often used at smaller sizes, you should consider how your images would serve the needs of a small business trying to attract customers and build a following. Simple and impactful compositions are likely to work best.

What if I have questions?

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