Customize your Zoom virtual background in four easy steps with the Shutterstock Editor. Plus, get started with a Zoom virtual background pack for free.

Shutterstock Editor is an online image editor that helps anyone create impressive designs in less time. Here’s how you can use this free tool to create the perfect virtual background for remote meetings in Zoom.

Step 1: Pick your background image

You can select your favorite image from this free Zoom virtual backgrounds pack or start by searching for even more background options in the Shutterstock Editor.

How to Create Zoom Virtual Backgrounds with Shutterstock Editor — Upload Your Background Image

Uploading from the free Zoom Virtual Background Pack.
How to Create Zoom Virtual Backgrounds with Shutterstock Editor — Virtual Background for Zoom

Searching for Zoom virtual background in Shutterstock Editor.

For additional Zoom background image recommendations, check out this blog.

Step 2: Set size to “Presentation Wide”

You can define a custom size or choose from Shutterstock’s twenty preset sizes by clicking the “Preset Sizes” tab on the left-hand column.

We recommend using the “Presentation Wide” preset at 1920×1280 pixels. This provides the 16:9 aspect ratio with the appropriate dimensions for Zoom backgrounds.

How to Create Zoom Virtual Backgrounds with Shutterstock Editor — Zoom Background Dimensions

Step 3: Get creative

When your image is loaded, you can customize the design to your liking. While this is an optional step, below are some ideas for what you can do.

  • Use text to set the purpose of the meeting
    • Include agenda items
    • Highlight key takeaways
    • Include inspirational quotes
  • Tailor your virtual background to your brand
    • Upload company logo
    • Change fonts
  • Add flair with icons and emojis
How to Create Zoom Virtual Backgrounds with Shutterstock Editor — Add Flair and Text to Your Zoom Backgrounds

Step 4: Upload your virtual background to Zoom

When you’re happy with your design, download it from the Shutterstock Editor and upload it to Zoom by clicking on the gear icon to the upper right corner and then selecting the “Virtual Background” tab on the lefthand column.

For best results, sit in front of a solid wall or use a green screen to help Zoom better calibrate the display.

How to Create Zoom Virtual Backgrounds with Shutterstock Editor — Uploading Custom Backgrounds to Zoom

Bonus: Shutterstock Editor integration

Shutterstock Editor integration in IBM Watson Content Hub

If you have an application and want to enable your users to customize designs without leaving your product, you can easily integrate the Shutterstock Editor.

In addition to robust design capabilities, the Shutterstock Editor gives developers the flexibility to white label with custom branding, backgrounds, and more.

Moreover, your users do not need to sign up for a Shutterstock account to use the Editor in your product.

You can explore a live demo and documentation for integrating the Shutterstock Editor. We also provide a free API key for local testing.

To integrate the Shutterstock Editor in your product, please contact us so we can help get you set up.

Cover image via ESB Professional.