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Shutterstock Editor software development kit (SDK) allows platforms to deliver a powerful photo editor that offers users the ability to customize royalty-free and uploaded images.

Design is difficult for a lot of people because creative visions are hard to articulate with precision. For many, the visual elements that they want (or don’t want) only become clear when they have an actual design in front of them.

To help our users modify existing visuals without compromise, Shutterstock launched a feature-rich and easy-to-use image editor in 2015. From then to now, Shutterstock Editor has grown to support more than more than half a million users per month. The newest partner to launch an integration with Shutterstock Editor is IBM Watson Content Hub.

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Shutterstock Editor Features

Integrate the Shutterstock Editor in Your Creative Platform - Shutterstock Editor preset sizes
Shutterstock Editor evolved out of user needs for greater creative control as well as a streamlined process for putting photos, vectors, and illustrations to use in marketing and sales collateral. By making it simple to customize images, Shutterstock Editor helps reduce the time it takes to go from content idea to execution.

Shutterstock Editor is equipped with:

  • 16 preset sizes to quickly crop designs for optimal display across social media platforms, email, and print collateral with the option to save custom preset sizes.
  • Ability to add text, logos, and filters to allow users to fine-tune images for their messaging and branding requirements.
  • Professionally designed text templates to accelerate the design process and expand the repertoire of creative options available for users.
  • Flexibility for platform customization that allows you to offer the most relevant features, support 21 languages, add custom background images, and more.

Use Cases for Shutterstock Editor Integration

Integrate the Shutterstock Editor in Your Creative Platform - Use Case
Shutterstock Editor was designed to speed up the design process for people who may not have access to nor the expertise to use professional design software. If your product caters to marketers, entrepreneurs, and businesses with a need for attractive marketing and sales collateral, then a Shutterstock Editor integration is worth investigating.

Not only does an integration take less work for your product team as compared to creating a photo editor from scratch, it also complements your product’s core functionalities to deliver a seamless workflow for users. By keeping users on your platform with an easy-to-use image editor, you can increase retention rates by reducing user drop off at the last step of their creative process.

Platforms that serve this audience generally fall into the following verticals:

  • Content management systems (CMS) such as the IBM Watson Content Hub that wants to provide a turnkey CMS solution.
  • Advertisement platforms, website creators, and social media management tools such as Clearview Social that want to boost user engagement and success with custom designs.
  • Presentation and infographic creation platforms such as Google Slides which has a dedicated Chrome Plugin for users to access the Shutterstock Editor.

How to Integrate Shutterstock Editor

Shutterstock Editor is available for integration through an SDK which spawns the Editor into a container on your platform interface. Although the Shutterstock image, video, and music API generally accompanies an Editor integration, you don’t have to be an API partner to integrate Shutterstock Editor.

We encourage you to see a demo of the Editor integration within the IBM Watson Content Hub interface and test it for yourself. To learn more about integrating Shutterstock Editor for your platform, contact us today.

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