Shutterstock’s Contributor app has a brand new look. Get started by downloading on either iOS or Android and check out our all-new color theme and revamped features.

Shutterstock is thrilled to announce that the Contributor App for iOS and Android has received yet another exciting update. The Contributor App for Shutterstock now has a simple yet beautiful, all-white color theme on both iOS and Android. This is a fantastic update for modernizing the previous dark theme. The new theme ensures that contributors receive a consistent Shutterstock visual experience across all platforms.

Shutterstock’s Contributor App Has Never Looked Better — All-New Look

What can you expect with this new update?

The update is mostly a color and icon change to a simpler, solid-white theme. You’ll also see small changes to the earnings and keyword sections of the app.

The Contributor App has had a dark color theme since the inception of the app in 2014. Meanwhile, the website has moved to the lighter theme. It was time that we gave this app a visual uplift so that we can build more exciting features in coming years.

Shutterstock’s Contributor App Has Never Looked Better — New White Color Theme

Why is it great news for contributors?

With this new update, we expect that using consistent brand themes, icons, and language will make the Shutterstock Contributor App easier to navigate. That means that contributors can upload and view content easier than ever!

Shutterstock’s Contributor App Has Never Looked Better — Good News for Contributors

If you haven’t already downloaded the Contributor App, click here for iOS users and here for Android. We can’t wait to see the content you upload to Shutterstock.

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