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[Infographic] Meet the Shutterstock API Team

The Shutterstock API is backed by an experienced team dedicated to supporting API partnerships. Meet the people behind the product.

Application programming interfaces allow companies to use data and capabilities from third-party platforms. In other words, they are plug-and-play building blocks that can be combined with existing products to enrich user experiences.

The Shutterstock API allows marketing technology companies to integrate over 280 million images, video clips, and music tracks within their user workflow.

For example, Facebook Ads allows advertisers to license Shutterstock images directly within their ad creation workflow. This helps them quickly create ads with stunning visuals that work.

To help partners maximize the ROI of their API integrations, the Shutterstock API team, Platform Solutions, provides end-to-end support and proactively recommends strategies for growth.

Check out our infographic and meet the people supporting the Shutterstock API partnership program.

Cover image by GoodStudio

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