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Shutterstock launches self-serve API subscriptions catering to the needs of a growing community of developers and startups building with the Shutterstock API.

The Shutterstock API powers native integrations with leading companies such as Google, Facebook, Wix, Art.com, and more. Additionally, we have cultivated a community of over 10,000 developers building with Shutterstock content and technology.

With continuous product improvements based on feedback from our growing user base, the Shutterstock API has evolved to be a tried and trusted creative API for developers and enterprise businesses alike.

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of our new self-serve API subscriptions that allow developers to start building right away with a plan that suits their needs. These subscriptions are Shutterstock’s first image API subscriptions that support in-application preview, licensing, and resell of royalty-free images available on a self-serve basis.

Along with ongoing developer portal improvements, SDK development, and a complete documentation refresh, the new self-serve API subscriptions are part of our ongoing commitment to optimize the developer experience and empower innovation with the Shutterstock platform.

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What’s new

Shutterstock Introduces New Self-Serve API Subscriptions - Licensing Protection

The self-serve API plans allow you to:

  • Start building immediately with the right offering: Get up and running on your own timeline with the right subscription for your needs.
  • Preview, license, and resell 1 million images: Streamline the creative experience for your users with 1 million stunning royalty-free images.
  • Integrate Shutterstock’s advanced search capabilities: Our API is backed by Shutterstock’s advanced search algorithm that have driven over 1 billion downloads. An API integration allows you to deliver a powerful search experience in your application with granular search filters, robust metadata, conditional queries, and support for search in 21 languages.
  • Test the API for free: With full access to Shutterstock’s image search, image preview, and Postman collection, you can start testing right away for free.

Visit the developer portal to see a detailed feature breakdown

Transparent, graduated pricing tiers

Shutterstock Introduces New Self-Serve API Subscriptions - Pricing tiers
Shutterstock’s new self-serve API subscriptions introduce three pricing tiers, available on an annual or monthly basis, as well as a free plan for testing.

Both Free and Standard API plans provide access to a curated collection of 1 million high-performing, royalty-free images.

Ability to resell Shutterstock images in-app

Shutterstock Introduces New Self-Serve API Subscriptions

With a self-serve Standard API subscription, you can resell images directly within your application. This means that you have the option to pass the cost per license to your users, or create a new revenue stream by adding a markup to the cost per license you pay to Shutterstock.

The Shutterstock Standard API plans provide access to in-application asset resell capabilities through an entirely user-driven signup and integration experience. This transparent and straightforward process enables developers to create functional applications and recognize revenue in less time.

Visit the developer portal to get started in minutes

Protection from the start

Shutterstock Introduces New Self-Serve API Subscriptions — What's New

The Shutterstock API is backed by a royalty-free image library where every asset is vetted for compliance with copyright laws. For example, all Shutterstock images with models require proper model releases. Likewise, images featuring landmarks, private property, artwork, and even recognizable animals are required to have valid releases.

The rigor of our asset review process minimizes the risk of copyright claims for your application and end users. With Shutterstock API plans, you can enjoy the peace of mind of choosing a solution that helps you protect your business and end users.

Need more?

Shutterstock Introduces New Self-Serve API Subscriptions - Resell

The self-serve API plans are designed to help developers and startups deploy quickly.

For companies with additional content needs or licensing volumes that exceed the allotment provided through the Standard API plans, we also offer customizable Business API plans.

Business API plans provide access to the entire Shutterstock library of over 250 million images, video clips, and music tracks. Moreover, they allow you to search with no limits on the number of results displayed, access reverse image search, integrate the Shutterstock Editor, and receive dedicated growth support. If you’d like to learn more, please contact us to discuss your needs.

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