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Infographic: Explore Shutterstock’s 2015 Creative Trends

With more than 47 million images in the Shutterstock collection, we’re able to predict the creative industry’s top trends by looking at what our customers are searching for. And with this year’s annual global-trends infographic, we take things a step further — presenting our data for the first time as an exclusive interactive report exploring creative trends in images, video, and music around the world.

Scroll through the infographic below to see which visual styles are trending on every continent, learn about what’s happening in the realms of video, music, and social media, and view the top global trends in both design and culture. Then dive deeper by visiting to view our full interactive report, and click here to explore curated collections based on some of the creative world’s top trends.

Infographic designed by Deanna Paquette.
Infographic designed by Deanna Paquette

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Explore 20+ curated collections inspired by the 2015 Creative Trends:

See all the images used in Shutterstock’s 2015 Creative Trends infographic:

Listen to the music featured in this infographic: Quirky | Optimistic | Serene | Cheerful

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