Try these inventive ways of showcasing your travel through photography, and get the most mileage (and sales) out of your journeys.

As photographers, showcasing our travel and trips through photography is one of the best parts about the trip. You’ve traveled somewhere new, to some exotic locale, and you have thousands of images to edit because of it. Those thousands of images can be daunting at first. What images should go on Instagram? What about online portfolios? Do I create a travel blog to showcase multiple images? These are questions all photographers ask once they’ve finished a trip somewhere new.

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Showcasing your travels through your photography doesn’t have to be complicated. Creating visual journeys that show your favorite parts of the trip can be incredibly fun, and interesting for your audience. In this article, we’re going to unravel a few tips and tricks that you can use to showcase your visually-inspiring travels through your photography.

Curate your favorite images from the trip.

The first step is to dedicate a solid chunk of time to go through your hard drives and select your favorite images. How you do this is up to you, but it takes time to curate a good collection of travel images. Consider how each image becomes part of the story. Don’t just look for signature, awe-inspiring landscapes. Think about how the small details help bring the story to life.

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Let’s say, for example, you went to a market in India. While you want to show the hustle and bustle of the market with a wide shot (maybe from above), you also want the audience to feel, touch, and smell the details. That means getting close and personal to that bucket of turmeric, to the colors of a silk scarf, and a portrait of a weaver working on a rug. Each of these images helps tell the story of your trip through your photographs, so don’t skip them when you curate.

Select a variety of horizontal and portrait images.

When you are curating your travel images, ensure that you have a variety of horizontal and portrait images selected. Different compositions will work better for different platforms. For example, for your website a horizontal orientation image will show a lot more detail and visually display better (depending on your websites design). Whereas on Instagram, portrait images do quite well because they take the entire view of the screen, allowing viewers to see more details.

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If you are submitting travel images to Shutterstock, we love to see a variety of both horizontal and portrait images. This allows potential customers to choose a selection of images that best fits their marketing objectives.

Create a visual story of your trip for social media.

A great way to show people new work from a trip you’ve taken is to display it on your social media. On Instagram, there are two fantastic ways to show multiple images.

The first is through Instagram Stories. This feature is an incredible tool for posting multiple images. Consider using a layout builder (such as Shutterstock Editor) to design stories that fit your style. Play with multiple images and create a collage for your images. The size on Instagram Stories is 1080px by 1920px, so ensure your dimensions are correct before you export.

The second is to use galleries on Instagram to tell a story through multiple frames. You can do this by selecting multiple images before you post. You can also use a similar tool in Instagram Stories to design collages where each image overlaps with the other, creating a unique, almost magazine-like spread to your images. This helps tell a story through travel, and lets your audience see details of your images as well as get an overall feel for the trip.

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Create a set on Shutterstock.

Another great way to showcase your photographic travels is to create a dedicated set on Shutterstock. This allows you to showcase all your images in one defined space, so that if a potential customer likes an image they can view the entire trip with ease. This is also a great way to get new customers to visit your purchasable work.

Shutterstock Set by Tom Tom

Our suggestion is to create a set on Shutterstock, and then use your Referral Link on social media to drive traffic to your new work. Not only do you earn money off the purchase of your image, but you also have the potential to earn money off a new customer or new photographer signing up to contribute to stock.

Create a visual journal on your website.

Similar to a set on Shutterstock, creating a visual journal on your website or portfolio is another fantastic way to show new travel to your audience. Most website developers will have an add-on for you to create a blog, where you can upload new images from your trips abroad. This is a great tool to use if you have an interest in writing about the trip, and allows you to share a more comprehensive view on the trip and what it meant to you and your photography journey.

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We hope these tips help inspire you to share more of your travel work. We can’t wait to see what you create next, and where you jet off to.

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