Every track you license now comes with convenient shorts and loops.

Music is an outstanding tool for elevating your project’s production value, but working with full-length tracks can be difficult when you need to tailor them to a certain length. It’s never as simple as sliding a four-minute song into your NLE and discovering that it fits perfectly into your edit. You’ve got to tweak, nudge, and chop songs into manageable chunks, all while staying organized as your budget strains against the ticking clock.

Fortunately, we’ve got some good news for Shutterstock Music customers who have experienced this common workflow roadblock: Shorts and loops are here, and they’re included — at no cost — with every full-length royalty-free track you license.

What Are Shorts and How Are They Used?

“Shorts” are simply shortened versions of a song. So, when you license a full-length Shutterstock track, you’ll also get versions that are 15, 30, and 60 seconds in length.

More often than not, shorts highlight the “catchier” elements of a song’s composition and spend less time in sections like the intro, bridge, and outro.

Shutterstock Music shorts and loops on tracks

If you’re working on a longer project, you might still have to tweak, nudge, and chop after sliding a short into your NLE, but only a little. That’s, well, just how editing works. 

However, if you’re working on something shorter, like a podcast intro, social media clip, or a TV, radio, or web ad, you can actually start with the short as the foundation upon which you build your content. This saves you lots of time and effort to spend on other aspects of your project.

What are Loops and How Are They Used?

A “loop” is a segment of a longer song that repeats itself indefinitely. It’s similar to a short; the difference is that, while shorts generally still include some manner of intro and ending, a loop is stitched together for continuous playback.

Shutterstock Music shorts and loops playback options

While loops themselves do not include a traditional intro and outro, using a loop is a great way to create an intro or outro for your project.  When paired with a title card, they also help add style to transitions in multi-section videos. 

Another great use for loops is for background atmosphere and music beds. Documentary and podcast dialogue sits very comfortably atop an unobtrusive music loop; the music stays out of the way of the message.

Shorts and Loops: Convenient Assets for Content Creators

If you’re creating, editing, or pushing content in the realms of video, film, digital marketing, social media, or podcasts, Shutterstock Music shorts and loops can start saving you time the second you put them to use.

Remember, these new assets are conveniently included free of charge with every full-length song you license. You’re going to love the way they streamline your workflow and accelerate your output.

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