pediatrist - pediatrician -physical exam by Doctor

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The healthcare industry worldwide is enormous, consuming over 10 percent of many countries’ economies and touching the lives of practically everyone. No wonder images of medical stock photos are in high demand.

In viewing the medical-themed images on Shutterstock, a few interesting ideas stand out: cleanliness and sterility in images portraying equipment and facilities, and a degree of calmness and sometimes happiness (lots of smiles) in images portraying people.

One thing is for certain: despite the rather clinical subject matter, there’s no shortage of creativity in Shutterstock contributors’ content.

DNA Connection. Frame of DNA with your structure of connection.

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Senior Couple Talking,Smiling With Doctor

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red pills filled with hearts in close-up view and depth of field


Asian female doctor looking at an x-ray of lungs.

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Human Ear

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Bone healed ready for the cast to be taken off

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Adorable young girl giving large bear a health check up

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