Milk can be pretty intimidating these days. With so many choices between 1% or Whole, Almond or Soy, the grocery store is scarier than ever. When I told my friends about my fear of milk, they said I was crazy — some even called me a scaredy-cat! I’m here today to prove them all wrong, and to laugh at the doubters as they cower in fear. I created this short video using footage and music from the Shutterstock library to show, once and for all, that milk is truly a terrifying beverage.

In all seriousness, this video shows how the use of music in a clip can drastically alter the viewing experience. It can elicit emotions from an audience that an image alone cannot. This tactic has been employed by directors from Kubrick to Scorcese to Tarantino (see the ear-cutting scene in Reservoir Dogs), whose use of unexpected music during critical scenes creates an otherwise improbable impact. Check out a few more examples of of surprising music and video combinations made from Shutterstock clips and sounds below.

To make your own re-contextualized videos, check out the full Shutterstock Footage and Music collections. You can also explore the selections that were used in these videos by clicking through the clipbox below.

Top image: Milk splash on black background by Igor Klimov

Song Links: Scary Milk | Silly Sharks | Death Metal Cats