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Rocketium has integrated the Shutterstock API to offer a streamlined creative workflow in its A-to-Z video production platform

As a top marketing trend of 2018, the power of video content continues to be undeniable. However, creating captivating videos consistently and scalably remains an issue for businesses of all sizes. A major contributor to this problem is the difficulty of sourcing usable footage.

Rocketium integrated the Shutterstock API to deliver professional video clips to make it possible for users to create videos without hiring a production company. By providing high-quality assets natively inside their product, Rocketium helps businesses overcome the hurdle of searching or producing unique clips for each video.

In addition to workflow optimization, the Shutterstock API integration also increases the size of Rocketium’s video library. Since users are coming from a wide range of industries, having a robust library means that Rocketium can deliver appropriate video clips for specific user needs.

However, having volume is not enough. Shutterstock also offers emotionally evocative video clips that are not only pretty but moving. Having the ability to tap into people’s emotions translates to greater returns with impactful videos created and managed through Rocketium.

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