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What Makes an Illustration an Illustration?

Some of you may have noticed a delay in the review of your illustrations recently. We are aware and want to work with every contributor in order to ensure timely and accurate reviews. In order to do this, we need your cooperation, as follows: It is important to tag all illustrations as illustrations properly, in the Content Editor, prior to submission. (See Content Editor View)

Content Editor View

Delayed Illustration Reviews

The main reason for a delay in illustration review has to do with many images not being tagged as illustrations properly prior to submission. When an image is tagged correctly, that sets off an internal process here that ensures a timely review. When an image is not tagged correctly, then a delay occurs as we begin the process of manually reassigning the illustrations to ensure that the review is accurate.

In order to assist you with determining if your image needs to be tagged as an illustration, here are some guidelines and examples on what qualifies as an illustration.

Example 1: A digitally created abstract design should be tagged as an illustration.

Example 2: A photo/scan of an abstract painting should be tagged as an illustration.

Example 3: A raster (JPG) illustration like this skier trying to survive an avalanche should also be tagged as an illustration.

Properly Tagging Images

We want to ensure that all images are reviewed accurately and as efficiently as possible, so please tag your illustrations appropriately. With this in mind, we will begin to start rejecting improperly tagged images in order to optimize review times for our entire contributor base.

Any questions, please email us at

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