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A picture says a thousand words, but who has the time to type a thousand words into a search bar? We built the best-in-class reverse image search so you don’t have to.

Search by image display on Shutterstock website

In 2016, Shutterstock launched our reverse image search feature to find the perfect image every time. Now you too can use the best-in-class search experience on your platform with a simple Shutterstock API integration.

How it Works

In order to use reverse image search, users upload or drag an image directly into their search bar without any text input. Test it out on the Shutterstock website, iPhones and Android app, or even our Chrome extension.

The Technology Under the Hood

Our reverse image search is powered by a convolutional neural network trained with over 200 million high-quality images and video assets. Instead of relying on keywords, our machine learning technology analyzes pixel data. As a result, Shutterstock can return results that correlate to the original image in color, composition, content, and affect.

Popular Use Cases

While Google image search lets users search by image, Shutterstock is unique in that we provide a collection consisting of only high-quality, licensable images. By offering the best search to your users without taxing internal developer resources, the Shutterstock API allows:

  • Content creation platforms to support marketers and creatives to drive greater conversions with impactful and brand-aligned visuals
  • Print-on-demand companies to provide curated, high-definition assets fit for every customer request
  • Web and iOS application builders to support developers in creating polished projects without worrying about legal liabilities

How Teeblox is Using Reverse Image Search

Teeblox is a fast-growing print-on-demand company that sells curated t-shirt subscription boxes in more than 20 categories. To consistently provide high-quality and impactful designs for subscribers, Teeblox has integrated the Shutterstock API and streamlined their design search process with reverse image search.

According to Denisse Soto Cervantes, the Head of Design at Teeblox, Shutterstock reverse image search allows her team to quickly and easily find designs that match customer preferences, top trends, and high-performing artworks.

“All of our designers make use of Shutterstock’s reverse image search for at least an hour every day,” Cervantes said, “We tried Google’s reverse image search in the past but it’s faster to use Shutterstock’s reverse image search since the images are licensable. We also saw that the results from Shutterstock are more accurate. Now, if we find a design somewhere that we like, we can quickly find similar images that we can use and license.”

Contact us to see how you can improve UX and user retention with the Shutterstock API.

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