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Rebel Wisdom: CreativeMornings Quotes as Inspirational Art

As CreativeMornings’ Official Partner for Visual Inspiration, we get pretty excited when the global free breakfast-lecture series decides on a new monthly theme. For February, “Rebel” is the guide for the month’s talks, and we’re honoring that theme with a special series of inspirational poster art.

To create these posters, we asked CreativeMornings to curate some of the best “rebel wisdom” from previous talks, then tasked illustrator Zach Higgins with mashing up those quotes with assets from the Shutterstock collection.

Check out the results below, along with a link to each of the talks they were pulled from. All previous CreativeMornings talks are available to watch online, so whichever ones pique your interest the most, click on through and keep the insights coming.

Snask (Stockholm)
In their Stockholm talk, Fredrik Öst & Magnus Berg of internationally renowned design agency Snask share some secret tips on how to be a creative entrepreneur.

Sir John Hegarty (Paris)
A founding shareholder at Saatchi & Saatchi and the founder of TBWA, London, Sir John Hegarty is nothing short of a legend in the advertising realm. His talk features a powerful story on creativity and advertising.

Jeff Lee (Montréal)
Rapidly becoming one of CreativeMorning’s more popular talks, Jeff Lee’s “11 Ways to Be Brave Every Day” was part of the recent Bravery theme. The Montréal speaker is a former television host and producer, who reveals how he got his start and makes things happen.

Jodie Fox (Sydney)
In her inspiring talk, Sydney-based entrepreneur Jodie Fox discusses lessons learned from building a tech start up and creating a viral success.

Seth Godin (NYC)
At our New York chapter, Seth Godin speaks about a few things we have backwards when it comes to getting the work we want.

Monika Frech (Berlin)
Offering up a Generation Y perspective, Monika Frech reveals how she and a few friends built a creative agency in Berlin that bucks all the rules, in her talk, “Work That Works.”

Andrew Dickson (Portland)
As a man who has walked the line between design and fine art, Andrew Dickson of Wieden+Kennedy is rarely qualified to offer details and insights on the transition from making art to making ads and back again.

Łukasz Jakóbiak (Warsaw)
Having started a viral internet web show in his tiny apartment bedroom, Łukasz Jakóbiak speaks on discovering limitless space and endless possibilities with the right motivation. (Note: This talk is in Polish with English subtitles.)

As a company that thrives on art, Shutterstock celebrates rebels who push the status quo, support creative communities, and raise the levels of beauty and happiness in the world. Rebels think creatively, force art and tech to advance forward, and make the world a better place.

Check out all the images used to create these posters in our Rebel Wisdom lightbox »

For more art by Zach Higgins, check out his online portfolio.

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