Advertise your real estate business by promoting your services through social media. Use this easy-to-follow tutorial for an effortless design that increases your brand recognition.

Phone mockup via ouh_desire. Facebook template via Antonio Francois. Real estate image via Monkey Business Images

As renters and prospective home buyers increasingly turn to the internet for easy access to listings, it’s natural that the real estate industry would move their marketing efforts online. Social media is the most accessible marketing channel for small businesses, including local real estate firms or solo realtors. Facebook is a great network for realtors to promote on – it’s cost-efficient and community-driven, and it offers a direct line to renters and home buyers in your region.

You don’t need any design know-how or expensive software to make fresh visual content for social media. Check out our Real Estate Bundle image pack, which has images ideal for websites, brochures, and business cards.

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to design a successful advertisement in Shutterstock Editor to connect with clients on Facebook.

Step 1: Select Preset Size

Begin by opening up the Shutterstock Editor program and clicking Get Started. This will bring you to a default image and canvas size.

How to Design a Facebook Post for Your Real Estate Business – New Canvas

Let’s go ahead and change the canvas size by clicking the Preset Sizes (P) panel and choosing Facebook Link at 1200 x 627 pixels. You can also select from the preset sizes under the Canvas Size tab on the right hand side of the program.

Step 2: Upload Image

You can look through the Search (S) tool to find a vast selection of royalty-free images or you can upload your own assets with the My Content (M) panel by dragging your image into the program.

How to Design a Facebook Post for Your Real Estate Business – Real Estate Images

I’m using an image from the Real Estate Bundle image pack, which features 25 real estate-friendly images for one low price.

Resize your image as necessary by dragging the blue corners and holding down Option to center your image. Head over to the Alignment tool to line up your image to the canvas.

Step 3: Insert Shape Elements

Design elements, such as shapes, help to break up the photograph and act as boundaries for type.

How to Design a Facebook Post for Your Real Estate Business – Insert Shape Elements

Click on the Shapes (H) button to bring up a selection of shapes to choose from. I selected the right triangle to bring an angular element into the design. Rotate the shape and drag the blue circles to expand the form. To let the background shine through the shape, drop the Opacity down to 85%.

Step 4: Type Out Copy

Successful marketing designs need copy to inform viewers about the products and services being offered. A concise slogan coupled with a call to action or link can quickly direct viewers to learn more about your business.

How to Design a Facebook Post for Your Real Estate Business – Insert Copy

Select the Text (A) tool and choose Add Headline to bring a large text box to the canvas. Reserve headlines for short phrases, slogans, or important sales information, as they will be read first in your design. Keep them clean and legible by selecting a simple sans serif font, like Montserrat.

How to Design a Facebook Post for Your Real Estate Business – Insert Copy

Subheadlines let you supplement headlines by providing more information about your sale or business. Using the Text (A) tool again, select Add Subheadline to bring up a smaller text box. Direct viewers to your site by attaching a link, or provide contact information to handle feedback and inquiries.

Step 5: Insert Your Logo

The most important component of a marketing design is your business’s logo; this increases your brand presence and recognition among viewers. Attach your logo to the design by selecting the My Content (M) button and dragging your logo from the desktop.

A transparent logo, saved as a PNG, is ideal for marketing designs; PNG files support the required levels of transparency and seamlessly layer on top of any color background.

How to Design a Facebook Post for Your Real Estate Business – Insert Logo

I attached this mockup logo to my design, but you’ll want to use your own custom logo. Be sure to keep your logo legible without overpowering the message of your advertisement.

Step 6: Choose Colors

Color helps to elicit emotions while tying design elements together. There are tons of colors to choose from, so I compiled 101 color combinations to easily reference for your designs. Each of these color combinations feature hex codes readily available for each specific hue; with Shutterstock Editor, you can input the custom values under the Fill Color panel.

How to Design a Facebook Post for Your Real Estate Business – Color Inspiration

I was inspired by the calming greens of this desert beauty image, ideal for a trustworthy real estate advertisement. Color psychology goes a long way when designing your materials; cooler tones give off a more tranquil vibe, while warmer hues incite excitement and optimism.

Tip: Look into Color Theory to learn about how color can shape perceptions of your brand. 

Click on the elements you want to apply color to, then navigate to the Fill Color panel located on the right side of the program to bring up the Custom tab.

How to Design a Facebook Post for Your Real Estate Business – Change Fill Colors

Type in the specific six-digit hex codes into the Web Color box. I sampled Spring (#B9CD74) for the stroke and Emerald (#085438) for my headline. Keep your headlines darker when layered on top of a lighter background to ensure contrast and legibility.

Step 7: Share to Facebook

When you’re finished with your design, click on the Share button to post to straight from Shutterstock Editor to your Facebook account. You can also hit the Download button and save as a JPG at 72 DPI.

How to Design a Facebook Post for Your Real Estate Business – Final Real Estate Tutorial

You can use your Facebook page to engage with customers and post content regularly to build brand presence. Learn more about how Facebook’s features can boost your web presence and help your business reach new customers with this in-depth guide to social media channels.

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