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A website is a foundational business need. Here is how QuickSilk is using the Shutterstock API to empower clients to quickly create stunning websites.

QuickSilk Expands Image Library in its CMS with the Shutterstock API — Stunning Websites

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Effective websites can increase credibility, visibility, and the perceived quality of an organization. On the other hand, underperforming websites can have the opposite effect to the detriment of an organization’s marketing and sales efforts.

QuickSilk offers a content management system (CMS) with a simple drag-and-drop website builder backed by enterprise-level security features. Moreover, the fully-managed QuickSilk CMS provides predictable pricing, at a total cost of ownership that is comparable to open source CMS solutions.

In line with their mission to make it easy for organizations of all sizes to build effective websites, QuickSilk integrated the Shutterstock API to bolster the image library within its website builder.

“QuickSilk integrated with Shutterstock’s API to provide our clients with a rich selection of high-quality images and illustrations,” said Garry Brownrigg, Founder and CEO. “We refuse to compromise on the Simplicity, Affordability and Security of our platform so integrating the Shutterstock API was a natural fit given our quality commitment.”

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Access to over 250 million high-quality images

The Shutterstock API allows QuickSilk clients to drag-and-drop over 250 million photographs, vectors, and illustrations into their websites during the design process. Backed by a rigorous asset vetting process, Shutterstock helps QuickSilk ensure that clients have access to impactful, high-quality images that convey the right impression about their organization.

Native integration with QuickSilk CMS platform

A unique advantage of a native API integration is that it allows QuickSilk to offer images in an intuitive way that eliminates design hurdles. With stunning images at their fingertips, QuickSilk clients can avoid the time-consuming and disruptive process of leaving their creative process to search, license, download, and upload images. This workflow improvement accelerates design so organizations can create powerful websites in the least amount of time.

Cost-effective Platform License

With the Shutterstock API, QuickSilk clients can license images under the Shutterstock Platform License. The Platform License allows for the use of images within websites created and distributed using the QuickSilk CMS at an exclusive rate.

How can the Shutterstock API support your business?

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